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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Top 10 Nokia Secret Codes

Nokia, one of the most prolific handset manufacturers to date is known for the high build quality of its handsets. Touted for a long time as number 1 when it comes to mobile phone hardware, the company lost ground in the software field.

Those who already heard of the concept of 'Nokia Hacks' or 'Nokia Secret Codes are probably aware of the fact that these tricks offer users interesting information about their handset.

These codes have been identified by people who are trying to improve their handsets with tweaks. Using some of these codes can also enhance some of the functions of the phone like the quality of the sound, as well as photos or even videos recorded with the phone's camera.

However, most of them provide critical information such as the phone's IMEI, the date of birth or MAC address.

One of the most important and frequently used Nokia code allows users to find out the phone's firmware version. Use *#0000#, to get the firmware version and date created displayed on the screen. 

To find the phone's IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity Code) one should use this code: *#06#. This seems to be the only code that works on every Nokia phone, regardless of the model. 

Using the *#92702689# code will allow you to check the phone's exact release date from the factory, as well as the repaired dates of the phone, if it's the case. 

The Nokia secret code *4720# is useful when you want to turn on the half rate transmission. This will make your phone use only half of the bandwidth, but will have a negative impact on the on call sound quality. To turn it off again use #4720#. 

Most Symbian phones already have a special option that allows users to display or turn off the carrier's logo. Those who don't have this option in the phone's menu can use *#67705646#. 

To find out the clock status of the SIM card inside the phone use the code combination *#746085685#. This code is only available on some Nokia phones.

Symbian phones allows users to use the soft reset command without browsing for it in the main menu. Simply use the code *#7370# to soft format the memory of the phone. 

When you have troubles with the phone's Bluetooth connection and you need to find the MAC address, simply use *#2820#. This code seems to work on most Nokia phones that feature Bluetooth connectivity.

Use *#30# code combination to see a private number in case someone is calling you and uses this feature. 

To restore the phone's Factory Settings use *#7780#. Obviously, this will reset the phone to factory defaults and comes in handy when you make changes in the phone's settings while experimenting with it.
Feel free to add more Nokia secret codes that are not included in the article.

Top 10 Nokia Secret Codes

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