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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Tips to Speed Up Your Typing Windows Phone 7 Keyboard

Typing on a mobile phone with touch display is not always a simple action, nor a fast one. First of all, the screen of the device is small, than the keys on the soft keyboard are close to one another and you have to make sure you hit the right one, and the like.

On handsets running under Microsoft's Windows Phone 7 operating system, things might not be that complicated, since they sport a bit larger screens, but also courtesy of a series of shortcuts and special features that the keyboard was packed with.

Microsoft offers a presentation of the keyboard, but, for those Windows Phone 7 users who want more, below are some tips that should help them speed up their typing (starting with the fact that the keyboard would appear as soon as one taps anywhere on the screen where typing is allowed).

Those who need to type fast should have no fear while doing so, as the keyboard comes with auto-correction features, quite useful in many occasions.

Moreover, it was set to add apostrophes to many contractions, so as to save the user a tap. Basically, as soon as you write “dont,” the keyboard would torn it into “don't.”

Users should not be looking out for putting accents in words that commonly use them, since the software would automatically add them when needed.

Not to mention that it would recognize proper nouns, including names, places, and more, and would automatically capitalize them for you.

When finishing a sentence, you won't have to look for the period to add it and start a new sentence. Simply tap “Space” twice, and the period would be there, while the start of the next sentence would be capitalized.

To increased the speed even more, and save a tap, you can insert character through taping the Shift or Numbers/Symbols key, and then simply slide the finger to the specific character you want to type.

As you type, the phone would offer suggestions, and you can easily slide the suggestion bar to see more of them. And, if you want to learn the phone a new word, you just have to tap “+” in it to do so.

Various keys can get you to hidden menus, all you have to do to access them would be to tap and hold them. The period key, for example, is one of them.

In case you want to undo auto-corrections you'll need to tap the word and then tap the first candidate in the suggestion bar, which is the original word. Or you can choose another suggestion, of course.

Those who would like to change various aspects of the keyboard on their Windows Phone device would be able to easily do that through going to Settings>Keyboard, where they can change the language of the keyboard, clear the text suggestions they've added, or make other modifications.

Tips to Speed Up Your Typing Windows Phone 7 Keyboard

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