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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Galaxy S II Tastes Its First Custom ROM

 The first custom ROM released for the Samsung Galaxy S II, version XWKE2, comes with the stock kernel, and might not seem to impressive for some.

“This ROM is XWKE2, it's rooted, and it has the stock kernel. Unless you are developing or need something else, this kernel will do you fine, as the underlying ROM is rooted,” pulser_g2, the XDA Developers forum member who released the ROM notes.

The ROM has all of the Samsung and stock applications resigned with a new key-set, which makes it easier to bring future modifications to the software.

“Villain Tweaks was a project of mine to 'test the water' for modifying the apps in the SGS 2 ROMs. I hit issues I couldn't get around, since the pre-installed apps were signed by Samsung,” the user continues.

“This means that I can now edit the apps on the phone to apply all sorts of tweaks and “hacks,” like the ones I've done so far, but with greater scope as to which files can be modified.

“For example, I've got a messaging app here (Mms.apk), which should let you send 10 SMS messages together without converting it to an MMS, and allow 200 recipients of an SMS, rather than ten.”

All of the necessary info on how to install the new VillainROM 1.0 on your brand new Samsung Galaxy S II can be found here.

Galaxy S II Tastes Its First Custom ROM

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