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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

AMD Bulldozer FX-8130P Engineering Sample Overclocked to 5.1GHz

AMD's upcoming flagship Bulldozer desktop processor, the FX-8130P, seems to be a great overclocker as a recently released video shows the chip managing to achieve 5.1GHz using just air cooling with all eight cores active.

The CPU used for reaching this frequency is an engineering sample FX-8130P processor with a core voltage of 1.6V, according to CPU-Z, installed on an Asus Crosshair V Formula motherboard.

The overclock was stable enough to run the Super Pi benchmark, but for CineBench R11.5, the CPU clock speed had to be reduced to 4.83GHz, this time using a lower core voltage.

From what we know at this point in time, the FX-8130P is supposed to be AMD's fastest desktop Bulldozer CPU as it features eight processing core that are run at a base frequency of 3.8GHz.

Based on the load placed on its cores, the chip can increase its frequency up to 4.2GHz thanks to AMD's Turbo Core 2.0 technology.

In addition to the four Bulldozer modules, the FX-8130P also includes 8MB of Level 2 cache memory and 8MB of L3 cache as well as an integrated dual-channel memory controller that supports DDR3-1866 modules.

At this year's Computex fair, AMD has officially announced that the first Zambezi FX processors, based on the Bulldozer architecture, aren't expected to arrive until later this summer (August or September).Before the news was made official, various reports suggested that AMD is having trouble with the performance of its Bulldozer architecture, as the first chip revisions functioned at lower than expected frequencies.

In order to fix these speed issues, AMD reportedly plans to build a new Bulldozer stepping, called B2, which should make the chips competitive with Intel's offerings.

The delay won't affect the Opteron 6200 processors based on the Interlagos architecture, which were demoed recently by AMD and pair together two CPU dies in the same packaging to form 12-core and 16-core Bulldozer CPUs for the server market.

A proof video of the 5.1GHz overclock is included right bellow. The author censored some of the information reported by the BIOS and the other tools used, so he, or she, won't breach AMD's NDA (OBRovsky Blog via Expreview).

UPDATE: AMD Bulldozer FX-8130P and FX-8110 CPUs Available for Sale 

AMD Bulldozer FX-8130P Engineering Sample Overclocked to 5.1GHz

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