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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Download OSX Lion Free Now!

Just a simple info for all...
Hopefully you are familiar with how to download a torrent file, this is OSX Lion Developer Preview 4. If you’d like iOS5 beta as well, just leave a comment and I’ll drop the link for that as well.

I won’t re-run over the whole WWDC keynote, I’m sure if your here then you have seen it by now or at least are aware of OSX Lion.

I don’t typically say this, but if you like OSX Lion, then I do highly recommend actually buying a copy when it is officially released. It’s a great price at only $29, and you have to admit, Apple is fuckin kickass.
Download fun begins HERE.


We are now serving Gold Master release…if your not up to speed, GM (GoldMaster) releases by Apple are what they call the final developers version, before it hits retail. With most Gold Master releases, you can simply apply a Apple Software Update to bring it to full retail, so here it is folks, click the above link.

Xcode 4 update

Download Xcode 4

iOS 5 beta

Download Here

Notes: risk at your own
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Download OSX Lion Free Now!

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