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Thursday, June 7, 2012

4 Must-Have Photo Apps for Your Android

One of advanced features available on Android smartphone is the ability to take pictures with good quality. We can enjoy time and save all funny moments that happen around us. But all feels less excited if you don't install extra applications!

Well, android does have lots of fun features and applications, you should be proud to have smartphone with Android technology because there are many photo apps that can make all the images looks cute, unique, and make you laugh.

Here are some photo applications for your Android smartphone:

1. Camera Fun Free is application where you can take a photo with different effect lenses so you can get pictures instantly without having to do editing. There are six lenses that can give different effects, but if you are interested to buy the pro version then you can use 29 lens effects!

2. Paper Camera offers features that make image or photo look like a sketch drawn on paper using a pencil. This application advantage isn't much different from Camera Fun Free and you don't need to edit the photo/image because can use the effect before shooting.

3. Lightbox Photos offers features that not much different from Instagram, even you also can give funny effects in the photos. You can also share edited images into various social networks you have. You must have this application as an alternative!

4. If your friend can't smile in front of camera, turn their faces to look silly and funny! You need Photo Warp, a photo application that offers visual effects that make you can't stop to laugh. This application is suitable for you who want to make jokes and the images can be shared through social networks accounts.

5. If you like to joke with friends and family, Faces app for android brings everything you need. You can edit your photos and give some cute or silly decorations.

4 Must-Have Photo Apps for Your Android

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