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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Let’s Learn About Android In-App Purchase!

Now, Android users can enjoy various features and content that available in mobile applications. Meanwhile, some digital stores also supply and sell applications from different type of platforms. Absolutely, this move give benefits for developers who want to earn money from content that has been produced and the users can enjoy it.

But not all applications are available for free. Even some applications need users to pay for it and gain full access. For this problem, users must consider several things before make a decision to buy in order not to regret in the future.

Google Play is one of digital stores which become the perfect interaction place between developers and users. By apply in-app purchases feature, customers become so much easier to buy an app. The problem which often becomes the main obstacle is how to recognize differences on each application.

But Google has anticipated this matter by apply their advanced technology so users find no trouble at all. They divided all apps into two categories: unmanaged and managed in app purchases! What does it mean?

First of all, let's learn about managed in app purchases! This is a category where users able to get full access. In short, users get premium service and every app purchasing in this category will be stored in Google Play Account, forever! Absolutely, this makes users feel comfortable, even they can move it to another device or reinstall without having to buy again.

And what about unmanaged in app purchases?

This category is inversely proportional and doesn't get full protection from Google Play. Usually in this category are extra applications which related to a game made by certain developers, such as offers a coin and many more. There is no back-up feature for this category, so after we make purchasing and if there is something happens, Google Play can't give a guarantee to us.

Honestly, the idea which offered by Google Play give benefit and convenience for the users and developers. Absolutely, this feature gives new experience and the best quality!

Let’s Learn About Android In-App Purchase!

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