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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

4 Best Social Media Apps for Your Android

Can you live without social media? Internet could turn into silent forest if there is no social media. Today, many people love to spend time staring at the screen and interact in a social media. That's a nice place in the internet service where you can share anything that is in the head, chatting with friends or playing games.

Spend time on social media has become daily routine and difficult to separate from modern life. Especially now, there are more gadgets give unrestricted access. We can get access to it via cell phone or smartphone, especially if it supports android, there are many features and advantages that make us fall in love.

For those users who want the android device connected 24 hours at social media, there are 4 applications you need to have!

1. Do you have WordPress account? Do you love to post something on your blog? You must have WordPress app for android! This application makes sure you can publish a post wherever you are, you don't have to stare at your computer or laptop screens anymore. Just bring your android devices such as tablet or smartphone. This application is suitable for those who like to write about all their activities, especially traveling or on vacation.

2. Now, android device is equipped with quality camera with high pixel. You can take photos with amazing quality. Share all your unique photos with friends and family by using Instagram app for Android. You can give visual effects and share it into several social networks such as Twitter or Facebook. Install it now on your Android device!

3. Do you like to read on Twitter? Make sure you have installed TweetDeck on your android. You can connect and share the news to your twitter follower. This application makes you easier to connect with friends and family. In addition to twitter, you can also be log in to Facebook and Foursquare.

4. Every day, millions people visit YouTube! If you want to spend time, check out the latest videos on and there is YouTube app for android that makes you comfortable to watch or upload videos.

4 Best Social Media Apps for Your Android

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