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Sunday, June 3, 2012

5 Best Android Apps to Rid of Your Insomnia

Insomnia makes us suffer and degrade our sleep quality, of course it gives bad effects to body and unable to do daily activities optimally. How to overcome it? The conventional way to end insomnia is do sports or taking sleeping pills.

But there are modern ways you have to try, especially for those who have android device. Wait a minute! Why should we need Android device? Believe it or not, there are android apps can help to get rid of insomnia and improve sleep quality. Let's discuss one by one:

1. The first application you need to try is Lightning Bug. There are a lot of environmental noise can be heard. The noises are soft and helps make you close your eyes by slowly. This application is accompanied by a large collection of soothing sounds which can make you sleep like a baby. Interested? You can download it for free!

2. You've tidy your bed, wearing pajamas and turned off the lights and lays down but still remain difficult to sleep. Well, looks like you need therapy. Natural therapy for insomnia is listening to music and there is android application offer the feature. Music Therapy for Sound Sleep provides a variety of ambient sounds and helps you get a good night's sleep. Try it!

3. During a long travel, sometimes it's difficult to sleep soundly. Well, try to download the sleepy time on your android device. Its uniqueness is you can listen to familiar sounds just like being in your home. This application helps you to sleep comfortably and feel like at home.

4. Music box to sleep is an application that can help you sleep like a baby. You must have it, especially if you have a baby at home. Babies often wake at night and cry then you can play lullabies and make your baby sleep.

5. During raining time, a cozy atmosphere and the rain sound makes you sleepy. Do want to feel the same thrill? Turn on Air Conditioner and play Rain Makes Deep Sleep Effect which installed on your Android device. You can listen to the rain sound and sleepy.

5 Best Android Apps to Rid of Your Insomnia

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