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Thursday, June 7, 2012

4 Must-Have Photo Apps for Your Android

One of advanced features available on Android smartphone is the ability to take pictures with good quality. We can enjoy time and save all funny moments that happen around us. But all feels less excited if you don't install extra applications!

Well, android does have lots of fun features and applications, you should be proud to have smartphone with Android technology because there are many photo apps that can make all the images looks cute, unique, and make you laugh.

Here are some photo applications for your Android smartphone:

1. Camera Fun Free is application where you can take a photo with different effect lenses so you can get pictures instantly without having to do editing. There are six lenses that can give different effects, but if you are interested to buy the pro version then you can use 29 lens effects!

2. Paper Camera offers features that make image or photo look like a sketch drawn on paper using a pencil. This application advantage isn't much different from Camera Fun Free and you don't need to edit the photo/image because can use the effect before shooting.

3. Lightbox Photos offers features that not much different from Instagram, even you also can give funny effects in the photos. You can also share edited images into various social networks you have. You must have this application as an alternative!

4. If your friend can't smile in front of camera, turn their faces to look silly and funny! You need Photo Warp, a photo application that offers visual effects that make you can't stop to laugh. This application is suitable for you who want to make jokes and the images can be shared through social networks accounts.

5. If you like to joke with friends and family, Faces app for android brings everything you need. You can edit your photos and give some cute or silly decorations.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Find Out the Best Antivirus for Ubuntu

Every computer and laptop users want to give extra protection associated with any files or documents on their device. They are willing spend money to buy an antivirus program. Actually, Ubuntu has a security level that has been tested and not easily infected with various viruses. But it never hurts to prepare everything as prevention to unwanted things.

There are plenty of antivirus programs offer features tailored to user needs, either free or paid. In order to get extra protection, some people are willing spend lots of money to buy premium antivirus program.

If you don't have money and believe with the security level of security offered by the open source Ubuntu operating system, the following is a list of antivirus that you can install on the computer or laptop.

1. Besides providing a paid version (Premium), AVG also issued a free antivirus program which can be downloaded at their official site. Although offering a free feature, they always give the latest virus definition updates to make sure your computer free from trouble.

AVG Free Edition gets a positive response from users and effective way to detect harmful viruses. That's why they get the award for 10 best free antivirus programs.

2. The service quality offered by Avast shouldn't be doubt anymore. They offer free edition program which made it into 5 best free antivirus programs. It provides extra security and you don't have to worry about the safety of files or documents.

Avast provides updates on a regular basis even though they also have disadvantages. The interface is user-friendly but it's not a big problem. You simply take the time to trial and error.

3. ClamAV is compatible antivirus with various versions of Ubuntu. This antivirus program provides protection for those who often communicate through email and ClamAV have many experiences to this problem.

4. Have you ever heard F-Prot Antivirus? Maybe the name isn't well-known but it's often used as antivirus program for Linux and UNIX servers but can also be installed on the computer or laptop. This program can be considered as free antivirus with premium features!

Amazing Spider-Man Game for Android: Let's Jump & Swing

Who's your favorite superhero? Well, in early 2000, we were surprised when Universal Studios make superhero movie, Spiderman. The Peter Parker character played by Tobey Maguire which managed to capture success, not only in movie but other franchises including the game industry.

Well, on 2012, Universal Studio will release Spiderman Reboot which called as The Amazing Spider-man! Absolutely the story plot is different from the previous story, Spiderman 3. We no longer see Kirsten Dunst and Tobey Maguire. This new movie is starring by Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield.

Because tell about a different story, whether this movie will get a positive response from the fans? Well, let's wait and see. Certainly, the movie success can enhance other franchises.

Gameloft, the official game developer of Amazing Spider-Man has making press release about the game schedule. They will release it on the 3rd of June, coinciding with the movie première for the first time. After waiting for almost five years, fans can finally look back on their hero. Even with the storyline and new players.

Absolutely, they will get a new experience. The latest Spiderman movie uses 3D technology and fans can feel the adventure when Peter Parker jumps and swings from building to another. That's really makes our heart pounding so fast!

The game developer is still keeping everything behind the game. They work together with Marvel about storyline that makes the gamers curious to play it. Maybe, they will see sharp and phenomenal graphics.

It is estimated the plot isn't much different from the movie version. We will play as Peter Parker and defeat The Lizard. Official information and news about this game is still full of mystery. Even the price is still not released but based on an estimate and you can get it under $ 7.

If your favorite superhero is Spiderman, please be patient until next month. You can also look cool as Peter Parker, we mean as Spiderman.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Let's Play Demolition, Great News for Non-Tegra Users

Android users who have Tegra technology, they are pampered with a variety of exciting games and one of them is Demolition. But for those who have Android devices without Tegra technology, you can also feel the thrilling adventure from that game.

At first, this game application was made intended for Tegra technology. But in the end, Demolition was also released to android devices without Tegra technology. It would be fun, right? Although has been released for a different version, users can't enjoy maximize graphic. Yup, this game has better graphic display on Tegra device.

The users don't have to disappointed, although the graphics aren't quite sharp and advanced as Tegra version, you can enjoy the game with performance and gameplay which regarded as one of exciting games for android devices.

Well, why this game is so special? There are many reasons why you should install it. The exciting adventure and story that we are never met before. This game belongs to sci-fi action genre and the characters use a variety of advanced equipment and weapons.

But your job isn't against enemies and kills the monsters or aliens. Your character in this game is an alien which assigned to destroy human civilization and you become city destroyer on earth. Wait a minute! Do we play as a bad guy? Well, you're not play as a bad guy but evil alien!

Despite being evil alien, the fun of this game is listening to UFO sound that looks real! You are willing spend more time to play this game.

There are many unique features that turn this game quite popular. Destroyed the city and blow up the building is fun therapy to release stress. You can change the weapon and get powerful, be ready to destroy all the cities. Don't forget to increase your skill and get higher online score. Beat others and prove yourself as the best evil alien!

Interested? You can grab it from Google Play. The price is also affordable! Get it now!

Let’s Learn About Android In-App Purchase!

Now, Android users can enjoy various features and content that available in mobile applications. Meanwhile, some digital stores also supply and sell applications from different type of platforms. Absolutely, this move give benefits for developers who want to earn money from content that has been produced and the users can enjoy it.

But not all applications are available for free. Even some applications need users to pay for it and gain full access. For this problem, users must consider several things before make a decision to buy in order not to regret in the future.

Google Play is one of digital stores which become the perfect interaction place between developers and users. By apply in-app purchases feature, customers become so much easier to buy an app. The problem which often becomes the main obstacle is how to recognize differences on each application.

But Google has anticipated this matter by apply their advanced technology so users find no trouble at all. They divided all apps into two categories: unmanaged and managed in app purchases! What does it mean?

First of all, let's learn about managed in app purchases! This is a category where users able to get full access. In short, users get premium service and every app purchasing in this category will be stored in Google Play Account, forever! Absolutely, this makes users feel comfortable, even they can move it to another device or reinstall without having to buy again.

And what about unmanaged in app purchases?

This category is inversely proportional and doesn't get full protection from Google Play. Usually in this category are extra applications which related to a game made by certain developers, such as offers a coin and many more. There is no back-up feature for this category, so after we make purchasing and if there is something happens, Google Play can't give a guarantee to us.

Honestly, the idea which offered by Google Play give benefit and convenience for the users and developers. Absolutely, this feature gives new experience and the best quality!

4 Best Social Media Apps for Your Android

Can you live without social media? Internet could turn into silent forest if there is no social media. Today, many people love to spend time staring at the screen and interact in a social media. That's a nice place in the internet service where you can share anything that is in the head, chatting with friends or playing games.

Spend time on social media has become daily routine and difficult to separate from modern life. Especially now, there are more gadgets give unrestricted access. We can get access to it via cell phone or smartphone, especially if it supports android, there are many features and advantages that make us fall in love.

For those users who want the android device connected 24 hours at social media, there are 4 applications you need to have!

1. Do you have WordPress account? Do you love to post something on your blog? You must have WordPress app for android! This application makes sure you can publish a post wherever you are, you don't have to stare at your computer or laptop screens anymore. Just bring your android devices such as tablet or smartphone. This application is suitable for those who like to write about all their activities, especially traveling or on vacation.

2. Now, android device is equipped with quality camera with high pixel. You can take photos with amazing quality. Share all your unique photos with friends and family by using Instagram app for Android. You can give visual effects and share it into several social networks such as Twitter or Facebook. Install it now on your Android device!

3. Do you like to read on Twitter? Make sure you have installed TweetDeck on your android. You can connect and share the news to your twitter follower. This application makes you easier to connect with friends and family. In addition to twitter, you can also be log in to Facebook and Foursquare.

4. Every day, millions people visit YouTube! If you want to spend time, check out the latest videos on and there is YouTube app for android that makes you comfortable to watch or upload videos.

Monday, June 4, 2012

5 Best Social Games for Your Android Device

Recently, social games managed to steal gamer attentions. Many people who play this game genre because can interact with others and offer a fun adventure. Now, we can enjoy anywhere and anytime in our android devices.

Satisfy your hunger to play a lot of social games available on the Android market. There are many games offer unique story that can make you addicted and willing to spend time.

Here are the best social games for your android device:

1. Do you adore with Japan culture? Well, you guys should play a "Japan Life". It offers adventure where you have to build resort and get a lot of tourists. The point is you should be able to make the resort and get high popularity. Don't forget to invite your friends to visit your resort.

2. Football fans are willing to spend their time playing this game, Top Eleven. They will serve as a football coach where all players must get proper train, determine eleven squad, financial, scout talented players and looking to win every matches.

3. Everyone wants to build their own business. You can train your entrepreneurial skills by playing Restaurant Story. Make the restaurant look fancy, elegant and cozy. Specify the theme that can make visitors feel at home. Don't forget pay attention to the menu. Serve a menu that can make visitors hungry and satisfied with your restaurant cuisines.

4. Smurfs, a classic comic which ever aired on television and made into a movie. If you love these blue gnomes then Smurfs' village should be installed on your android device. Build a village for these blue gnomes! You can visit each other village of your friends by making connections through Facebook.

5. Do you love to drive on top speed? You should have Raging Thunder 2 Lite and let your life moves so fast like a lightning thunder! This application is required for you who want to enjoy a social game that offers suspense and adventure!

Let’s Talk About AMOLED Displays Technology

Before buy an Android smartphone, we always took the time to read the product specifications. We often see and hear about AMOLED displays. Almost all brands offer AMOLED technology which has difference and consumers often get confused about it.

In order not to make you confused and can take the best decisions before buy a smartphone, you must learned about the technology. Let's talk about AMOLED Displays Technology.

AMOLED (Active-Matrix Organic Light-Emitting Diode) is a popular display technology and often become the main weapon for few brands which offer Android product, whether smartphone or tablet.

This technology is often associated with products made by Samsung Android. Even, this brand becomes the pioneer who introducing it for the first time until imitated by other competitors. Some other brands are also trying to apply the same technology but when comes to display screen and compare the quality, Samsung is still standing at the forefront.

A question may bother you, "why should choose AMOLED display? Why all the brands have to apply it? "

AMOLED offers more real and vivid for each format, either pictures or video. The users can also enjoy an amazing screen technology when playing games. There are many advantages can be perceived. This technology has a fast response, low power and good performance even though exposed to sunlight directly.

This technology has developed and offers the other advantages which able to satisfy user expectations. Let's discuss about the advantages of each AMOLED:

a. Super AMOLED is used in some Samsung products such as Galaxy S series, Omnia W and Nexus S. The display gives very good response even exposure to sunlight and the users can still see it clearly.

b. Super AMOLED Plus can be found on Galaxy S II and offer better benefits than previous version. The technology displays images that are bright and energy-efficient.

c. Advanced Super AMOLED is a technology developed by Motorola. Besides showing a brighter screen, users can enjoy a higher resolution display. One of Motorola products using this technology is Motorola RAZR Droid.

d. HD Super AMOLED is a new version offers highest resolution. Samsung products which using it are: Galaxy Note, Galaxy S3 and Galaxy Tab.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

4 Simple Steps Play iTunes Music and Video in Ubuntu

Ubuntu offers a new experience for those who just install it. There are many interesting features you can try, including listening to iTunes musics. This application allows you to buy the latest song of your favorite singers or bands just by doing a few simple clicks.

In the past, Ubuntu users are still difficult to install it. Digital copyright issues (Digital Rights Management) is often become a major problem and at that time, Apple also has yet to release iTunes for Ubuntu. The user requires extra program for this application can run smoothly.

Now, thanks to no DRM, users and music lovers can enjoy and listen to all songs collection which stored on the computer. For those who still new to Ubuntu, you may feel confused how to play iTunes music. Follow these steps below:

1. The first step, you have to move iTunes music to Ubuntu hard drive in the computer and it's easy to do. You simply plug the hard drive or flash drive which contains your iTunes music collection and Ubuntu will automatically detect any device.

Open the folder where you put music collection then simply copy + paste into the destination folder on your hard disk. The transfer time depends on number and total size of the files.

2. Once the transfer complete, you simply do double clicks the storage folder.

3. How to play it is easy, just do double-click on the desired file. Automatically, you'll hear the song from the file by using music player but you can use other music player application.

Nevertheless, you can also listen iTunes music stored on flash drives or other external drive but may need a longer time to load it.

How to play iTunes videos on Ubuntu? Well, it's not much different from playing iTunes music, you simply install extra applications and there is a lot of video programs support with Linux, one of them is VLC. Install the program and do double clicks on the desired video file.

5 Best Android Apps to Rid of Your Insomnia

Insomnia makes us suffer and degrade our sleep quality, of course it gives bad effects to body and unable to do daily activities optimally. How to overcome it? The conventional way to end insomnia is do sports or taking sleeping pills.

But there are modern ways you have to try, especially for those who have android device. Wait a minute! Why should we need Android device? Believe it or not, there are android apps can help to get rid of insomnia and improve sleep quality. Let's discuss one by one:

1. The first application you need to try is Lightning Bug. There are a lot of environmental noise can be heard. The noises are soft and helps make you close your eyes by slowly. This application is accompanied by a large collection of soothing sounds which can make you sleep like a baby. Interested? You can download it for free!

2. You've tidy your bed, wearing pajamas and turned off the lights and lays down but still remain difficult to sleep. Well, looks like you need therapy. Natural therapy for insomnia is listening to music and there is android application offer the feature. Music Therapy for Sound Sleep provides a variety of ambient sounds and helps you get a good night's sleep. Try it!

3. During a long travel, sometimes it's difficult to sleep soundly. Well, try to download the sleepy time on your android device. Its uniqueness is you can listen to familiar sounds just like being in your home. This application helps you to sleep comfortably and feel like at home.

4. Music box to sleep is an application that can help you sleep like a baby. You must have it, especially if you have a baby at home. Babies often wake at night and cry then you can play lullabies and make your baby sleep.

5. During raining time, a cozy atmosphere and the rain sound makes you sleepy. Do want to feel the same thrill? Turn on Air Conditioner and play Rain Makes Deep Sleep Effect which installed on your Android device. You can listen to the rain sound and sleepy.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

4 Best Android Apps for Your Dogs

Android apps aren't just made for human. Do you believe it? For pet lovers, especially dogs, there are many android apps can help you to keep up your dog stay healthy. Wow!

Yup, these applications certainly help you to keep track their activities, health and enhance your relationship. Hmm, we bet you already curious, right? Let's discuss about the best android apps for dogs:

1. While walking in the park, you see someone walking with a cute dog. Your view definitely drawn to the dog, you might be interested to have one, too. Dog breeds offer a feature where you can find various dogs species.

You can use it to find out various dogs species which suitable for stay at your home, walk to the park and spend time together. Install this app on your android device before deciding to keep a dog.

2. There is an application must be possessed by dog owners. Petometer must exist on your android device. For those who like to spend time in the morning and afternoon run around the park, this application enables you to track your dog's health.

You can keep track on how long and how far you walk. Of course, this is also accompanied by a note to find out the changes you feel. Besides track distance and time, it also provides a list of recommendation exercises that suitable for your dog. Indirectly, you are healthy, so does your dog.

3. Do you want to train your dog? Well, you need a dog whistler. You don't need to buy it, use your android device. You can download dog whistler app for free!

4. After download the dog whistler app, you also must have 52 Dog Tricks app. You can learn 52 tricks that equipped with step by step guide so you can make orders to your dog with what has been taught. Teach them each order one by one, each exercise has been scheduled well, make them obedient and never forget about you.

The Best Guitar Apps for Android You Should Have

Who wouldn't love to play guitar? That's one way to entertain yourself while enjoying the good atmosphere around you. Some people are even obsessed with this instrument and they want to be a reliable guitar player or just create a nice song.

Well, playing guitar is fun but we can't do it every hour and every time. Sometimes we have to do a lot of activities that reduce our free time to play a guitar. But that seems not a big problem if you have smartphone with Android technology.

Google Play Store has many applications that spoil the guitar addict. Here we will tell you some of the best guitar apps for android and of course free!

1. gStrings Tuner

Are you upset because the guitar doesn't give good sound? This application can help you to adjust the guitar and produce a sound that fits. Of course, it's giving a lot of advantages, especially if you don't know how to set the key configuration. It can be used to determine the guitar sound and this application can also specify a key to other instruments such as violin.

2. Chordbot Lite

There are many reasons why someone wants to play the guitar and one of them is create a song. It's hard to do when you're on traveling but thanks to Chordbot Lite, makes it all come true. You can spill the inspiration and create a nice song by using it. There are many chords can be selected so stringing beautiful tones and you can hear it directly!

3. GChord

For beginners who want to learn on how to play guitar properly, GChord is best for application for them. It can help them to put the proper fingers on the guitar and finding the chords perfectly.

4. Virtual Guitar

Yup, as the name suggests, this is virtual guitar apps that can be taken anywhere. You can play it directly by using your android smartphone, it is rather different from playing ordinary guitar but the sounds can make you addicted.

Friday, June 1, 2012

7 Steps to Download iTunes on Ubuntu

Everyone is happy to spend time in front of computer while listening to their songs from the hard disk. For music fans, iTunes is the best application must be installed. This music application can run well on Mac or Windows, but how about on Ubuntu? Is Ubuntu users can also listen music by using iTunes?

Nothing is impossible because they can also run iTunes smoothly on Ubuntu. But, wait a second! How to do it? Are you curious? Let's follow the following 7 steps:

1. Open your web browser, then type "wine program" in the search engine or visit In order to make iTunes can be installed on Ubuntu then you need that program. Besides visit the main page, downloading can be done via the terminal, type this command at terminal:

sudo dpkg -i wine_0.9.45~winehq0~ubuntu~7.04-1_i386.deb

2. Before the download starts, you must configure the wine program. Try to type "winecfg", don't include quotation marks. On the application tab, choose Windows XP while the driver tab, choose Autodetect.

The next step is checking the option of ALSA driver and find on the audio tab to uncheck OSS driver option. Please, don't forget to press "ok" button to save the configuration.

3. Now, the latest version of iTunes are ready to download . You can get it by going to

4. Then, try to type a command "wine iTunesSetup.exe" After a while, welcome screen will appeare at short time.

5. Click on the "next", don't forget to choose "accept" license and determine the configuration before installation begins. Don't choose autorun and download will start immediately.

6. Once the download is complete, press "finish" button.

7. In order to make iTunes can be run successfully, type this command:

wine ~/.wine/drive_c/Program\ Files/iTunes/iTunes.exe

Well, apparently not too difficult to run iTunes on Ubuntu. Now, you can hear a variety of your favorite songs and let say big thanks to wine applications. For those who struggle the iTunes latest version installation, it wouldn't hurt to try the older version. Well, good luck!

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Samsung Galaxy S III will blast off to the US on June?

Android enthusiasts who live in the U.S., they may not be able to enjoy a pleasant holiday weekend. There is an important news makes them uneasy. This is related to an issue says the Samsung Galaxy S III soon be launched in June. According to unofficial news, the new generation of Samsung smart phone will hit the America on June 20 and work together with T-mobile.

The news is still confusing and still don't get confirmation from two companies, both Samsung and T-mobile. However, this news might actually be turned into reality because in the next week, Samsung Galaxy S III will be released in Europe. Is that true?

Well, according to TmoNews, T-mobile is likely to release it accordance with the date on the news which had spread widely throughout the U.S. According to the news that written there, T-Mobile has brought together the product concept of MyTouch and Galaxy Note to bring Phoenix and Buddy, both are flagship products of Huawei smart phone.

Back to the main topic, according to widespread rumors, Samsung Galaxy S III will be released in two colors: metallic blue and ceramic white. Two color options would be nice because you can choose based on taste, but there's bad news can make you surprised. The launch by T-Mobile on June 20 only provides a metallic blue as the main option.

For those who want a ceramic white, then they must wait until July 11. On that date, T-Mobile will also be released MyTouch and Samsung Galaxy Note. Different color options also have different memory features. Metallic blue has two types of memory, 16GB and 32GB. Meanwhile, the ceramic white is only available with 16GB memory.

Although the news and specifications have been widespread, there is still lack of information. How much should we spend to buy it? Well, you won't regret to spend money and enjoy the sophistication offered by the Samsung Galaxy S III. Ok, for now on, let's wait for further developments. June will come soon and hopefully at the beginning of the month we've got the latest news.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Samsung Galaxy S3 against Other Competitors

Nowadays, everyone is eagerly looking forward to the launch of Samsung Galaxy S3 and will be released on June and made its debut in European market. This is the latest generation of Galaxy series and considered as the most popular smartphone android. But, how does the strength and excellence when compared to other competitors?

Other brands have also launched Android smart phone that offers a spectacular technological sophistication. Is Galaxy S3 able to defeat them? Let's compare with other brands based on the hardware, display, design and software.

1. Samsung Galaxy S3

a. Design

If you look at some pictures on the Internet or a magazine, Galaxy S3 designs doesn't look awesome. A source said, Samsung deliberately make the design less identical to the iPhone. The size is also thicker than earlier versions, S2 Galaxy.

b. Hardware

Galaxy S3 has the latest technology as a smart phone and claimed as the fastest Performance.

c. Display

Well, no doubt, Samsung has the edge to offer the latest touch of screen technology. It can even be said they have no rival, Galaxy S3 may be claimed as a smart phone with great display quality.

d. Software

Samsung implemented a software application that isn't too different from earlier versions. Nevertheless, the existing software on Galaxy S3 is still considered the best.

2. LG Optimus 4X HD

a. Design

Well, at first glance the design looks strong and comfortable, but once you try it, you will probably get bored easily. The size is also quite thick and uncomfortable when in a pants pocket.

b. Hardware

Hardware capabilities aren't much different from HTC One X. But when compared to Galaxy S3, maybe they should increase their performance.

c. Display

About display capabilities, you don't need to doubt anymore. They are the main competitor with Samsung. In quality, they have top-class category.

d. Software

This smart phone offers Android 4.0 and the new UI to compete with HTC and Samsung.

3. HTC One X

a. Design

One X has the coolest design for a smart phone that released in 2012. Although its size is thicker than Galaxy S3, but the design is more attractive.

b. Hardware

Hardware components can still be classed with LG Optimus 4x HD. Not much different with the performance.

c. Display

Although considered to have the best display quality, they must give up the title of the best display for Galaxy S3 2012. Samsung would be proud of it!

d. Software

Offer new technology with Android 4.0. Moreover, this smart phone is very helpful for those who are high mobile.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Step by Step to Update Android 4.0.4 ICS build IMM76K at Samsung Galaxy Nexus SCH-I515

This is nice news for Verizon Galaxy Nexus users who just bought Samsung Galaxy Nexus SCH-I515 on Verizon because today you can find the update from The official Android 4.0.4 and you can do manual flashing to get the valid update today. If you are the new one who do not know much about Android 4.0.4 Ice Cream Sandwich, it is the latest version of Android operation system which will provide improved performance, stability, security and of course the whole lack of features on the previous version.

Today we will talk about how to update your android to the latest 4.0.4 ICS build IMM76K manually, please be careful and follow these instructions;

  • This manually step by step update are valid for Verizon Samsung Galaxy Nexus CDMA/LTE, model number SCH-I515. You may not practice this step to another device which we do not recommend.
  • The manually step by step update information was advised and provided only for educational objective. We do not provide any guarantee for any damage and risk after trying this step.
  • You must understand any risk that you will face, so do with your own risk

1.) First you can start downloading the following files and then save them into your personal computer
  • Android 4.0.4 ROM (, 39.8 MB)
  • Android 4.0.4 Radio and Bootloader Package(, 6.2 MB)
  • Fastboot (, 404.46 KB)
  • ClockworkMod Touch Recovery image (recovery-clockwork-touch-, 5.6 MB)
2) After saving those files, then you should copy the Android 4.0.4 Radio, Android 4.0.4 ROM and the Bootloader ZIP files to your SD card roots.

3) Extract the zip fiel in your personal computer or laptop file to the C:\ directory.

4) Next, you may copy the ClockworkMod Touch Recovery image file to your Fastboot folder which can be found on the C:\ drive of your computer. you will see 5 files by now in the Fastboot in your computer folder.

5) Boot your phone by turning your phone off and then press and holding down the Volume Up, Volume Down and Power button, and then connect your phone to your computer.

6) On your computer, you can now start Command Prompt on Start > All Programs > Accessories.

7) Type and enter the command below so that you can activate temporarily into ClockworkMod Recovery. You must click the Enter after each command:

  • cd c:\Fastboot
  • fastboot devices
  • fastboot boot recovery-clockwork-touch-

8) Once you have finished the last command, your phone should reboot on ClockworkMod Recovery.

9) Create a Nandroid backup on ClockworkMod Recovery.

10) Operate a wipe:
  • Select Wipe Cache and press yes to activate it.
  • Select Advanced, and then select Wipe Dalvik Cache and click yes to confirm this step.
11) Choose Install ZIP on Your SD Card. Find the Android 4.0.4 ROM that you have downloaded before and choose it. And install it.

12) To Bootloader ZIP package you can repeat from step 1 to step 11.

13) Click Go Back menu to find recovery menu.

14) You can select reboot system now to restart your computer. And now, you have finished updating the original Android Ice Cream Sandwich ROM latest version 4.0.4

Google Hot Rumor : Is Android "Game Center" Prepared ?

We all know that Apple’s iPhones is now being world’s top popular smartphones, even we also realize that Apple has so many lack of features, which they do not provide something we can now find on Android market. Android has done too much, Apple not even closer. I guess, this condition stimulate any kind of business plan, including by Google as online giant company.

One feature that is missing and I am sure you will agree with me which is several connection between the mobile phone and native apps, this kind of connection has been helping Apple to make their business stronger and even better than more active and aggressive system, perhaps as Google has right know. I guess it just for short time, you should realize it as well, and Google seems to acknowledge this clue as well. From trusted source, which said that Google is going to prepare the clone of iPhone’s Game Center, a great application which consolidates certain users with the leaderboards and also the gaming apps?

Business Insider has proved so many trusted “exclusive unconfirmed reports”, that’s why we write this report, even though has not been confirmed by the any official website about this report.

Quoted from Business Insider which said that Google has been preparing some tools to allow and let users to give any awards and trophies in doing games, including top rank, top rank players and teams, leaderboards, and another great feature.

Still from Business Insider source, Google is also developing the same or something like Apple’s has, or I am sure they will do better for example the payment method and process, it must be smoother than Apple has. The collaboration of both; Google and Apple can be great news, “if” Google is really preparing Android Game Center for their users.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Samsung Galaxy S3 with NFC will launch as Olympic Games phone

For Galaxy fans, get ready to welcome the launch of its newest product. Samsung Galaxy S3 will become the official mobile phone for Olympic Games, as it has been confirmed by Samsung and Visa.

This mobile phone is using NFC technology that easier to use and become the first products using it. Consumers also get a limited edition showcase device and nascent application, Visa payWave.

During the Olympic event, this mobile phone will be used by testers and athletes and it is part of the test. There are 140.000 terminals spread across the capital city that hold the Olympics. Participants can enjoy payment application features that installed on the mobile phone, as replacing conventional payments for clothing shopping till ticket entrance to Olympic Park.

The payment application provides convenience but also issues about security level because payWave application allows the mobile owner to make payments over £15 without having to make contact with the card.

But if you want to shop or make a payment over £ 20, the owner must activate the phone first. This application requires a passcode to do transactions. So, it's good to lock the phone to get guarantee security level, especially if the phone is lost.

In order to support safety and convenience, this application comes with a feature that allows mobile phone and visa card owners to check every last transactions. That's why, the features in this application is said to be a precursor to contactless payments that will be part of modern society lifestyle.

"Technological developments in the mobile industry give a major influence and NFC technology that exist in the Galaxy Samsung S3 has opened up a new payment method" said Sandra Alzetta, Senior Vice President of Mobile of Visa Europe.

"Life has changed and become more modern, cash payments will be reduced. People would prefer mobile phones as a new payment method and allowing them to manage finances. "

"The collaboration with Samsung already becomes a bridge the future for modern payment. This will be an excellent way to show the latest payment relies on speed, flexibility, convenience and security." said Sandra Alzetta

Monday, May 14, 2012

Upgrade Ubuntu 12.04 LTS Easy Ways for Your Linux

Ubuntu 12.04 LTS Precise Pangolin have been release several time ago. It's time for you if you are using Ubuntu 10.04 LTS Lucid Lynx or Ubuntu Oneiric Ocelot, make upgrade to the latest Ubuntu 12.04 LTS LTS Precise Pangolin. You can choose the upgrade methods, upgrading via alternate Ubuntu CD or upgrading online via Internet.

1. Upgrading Online via Internet

If you have high speed internet connection, you can upgrade to latest version Ubuntu by typing this command from Linux Terminal.

  • update-manager -d

The update Manager window will pop up and inform the latest version is available. Just click "Upgrade" to continue

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2. Upgrading Offline without Internet

If you have limited connection with internet access, You can upgrade using alternate install CD. So, you can get the Ubuntu 12.04 LTS for your OS. The alternate install CD help you to make several specialist installation with these following situations :

  • Easy to setting up automated deployments
  • No need network access to upgrade from older installations
  • LVM and/or RAID partitioning
  • support installation on systems with less than about 384MiB of RAM (although note that low-memory systems could not be able to run a full desktop environment reasonably).

You can download the alternate CD Installation from this link.

Just install script inside the CD, run it to upgrade your OS. Good Luck.. :)

Sunday, May 13, 2012

How to Create Shortcut to Launch User Profile Directly at Google Chrome

Google Chrome has provided a great tool which allows users to set and use multiple profiles for one running browser. This multiple profile is aimed to provide better user experiences in browsing the net. Commonly, it is not easy even close to complicated in creating multiple profiles, but this time I will show you on how to create shortcut to launch user profile easily.

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User Profiles can be a great tool when your computer is being used by many users in your family. But sometimes, it is not easy to launch each profile at the first time, so at this topic we will talk about some steps to create easy shortcut for each user.
Well, I assume that you have known about this before, at least you are familiar enough with this menu. Let’s start creating Google Chrome profile now.

First step, you can do Right-click on a blank space on your computer desktop and then click New > Shortcut.

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Second step; In the Create Shortcut new window, you can input the following code line:

Windows 7: “C:\Users\username\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe” –profile-directory=”Profile 1”
Windows XP: “C:\Documents and Settings\username\Local Settings\Application Data\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe” –profile-directory=”Profile 1”

At this step, you must replace “username” with your real name, and then replace “profile 1” with the number of your profile. See time order to find your number of profile, it is usually easier to use time order base. With this time order base, which means the most frequent users will be added to this profile.
If you have finished this step then you may click Next.

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Third steps; at this step you must fill the name of your shortcut, and then click “Finish”.

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Fourth Step; If you want to create multiple users, then you can repeat from the first step above. If you have finished all steps, then you will be able to see the following screen;

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So, what do you think? It is easy, isn’t it? creating shortcut on Google Chrome is easy, you can follow the step by step above in order to create the shortcut, if you have any difficulties, just leave any comment here, I will try to help you out, dude