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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

New iPhone App offers Rewards for Exercising

At least this is the premise that Nexercise is built upon, a free iPhone app that tracks activities ranging from running and weightlifting to fencing and polo and rewards users with free and discounted merchandise in the hopes that users will adopt long-term exercise habits.

You get points in the game for healthy behaviors.”

Exercising with a friend or on a rainy day, for instance, allows users to accumulate bonus points.
If you exercise with someone, you’re more likely to continue to exercise.” said Young.

Users with more points have greater chances of winning prizes, and those that have reached higher levels have access to more valuable prizes.

According to Young, the chances of winning a prize at the lowest level are about 25 percent, with prizes ranging from $5 gift cards and coupons for items such as energy bars, up to $250 gift cards.

Having recently completed an experimental run at theUniversityofMaryland, the app is still quite new and has some kinks.

It has been criticized for the quality of its rewards, which Young said have improved with its recent integration with Kiip, and will continually improve as the app matures.

Other upcoming plans for the app include a contextual notification system to increase engagement. Other popular fitness apps include Runkeeper and Nike+, which count calories and map trails, but do not provide prizes as incentives.

Nexercise is available worldwide on the App Store.

Steve Jobs’ Pancreatic Cancer Led to Other Health Issues 2011

Disease is hard to treat because it is difficult to diagnose

Steve Jobs is known to have been treated for pancreatic cancer, the fourth leading cause of cancer-related deaths in the United States.

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In 2004, former Apple CEO Steve Jobs announced he had undergone surgery for pancreatic cancer.

Oncologists say pancreatic cancer is hard to treat because it is difficult  to diagnose. The organ is embedded deep in the abdomen, symptoms only become evident in a late stage of the disease.

In 2004, Jobs announced he had undergone surgery for pancreatic cancer – a mild and rare form of the disease called an islet cell neuroendocrine tumor.

That form makes up about five percent of all of pancreatic cancers. It affects the cells that produce hormones to control blood sugar levels. The more deadly, and common, form appears in the exocrine cells of the pancreas that produce digestive enzymes.

The pancreas is a 15-centimeter-long gland tucked behind the stomach and below the liver. Pancreatic cancer can be hard to diagnose, since the early stages have no visible symptoms.

“There are no screening tests in a way mammograms are a good screening tool for breast cancer, or checking blood levels for prostate cancer,” says Dr. Khaled el-Shami, a cancer specialist at George Washington University Medical Center in Washington, D.C.

Five years after cancer surgery, Jobs got a liver transplant.

“About five months ago I had a liver transplant,” Jobs said at the time. El-Shami says that’s not surprising, because cancer in the pancreas can spread. “Neuroendocrine tumors tend to spread from pancreas to the liver, and the liver being a vital organ, removing the cancer from the liver can result in improved survival. Liver transplant is a radical way of removing cancer in the liver.”

But el-Shami warns a transplant is not a guaranteed cure.

“It’s a balance between removing a big chunk of cancer in the liver and the risk of having a weakened immune system, which can encourage not only the original cancer to come back but also emergence of other cancers.”
Dr. Matthew Walsh is chairman of General Surgery at Cleveland Clinic. El-Shami says some types of pancreatic cancer can run in families. Smoking and alcohol use are linked to the disease.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Who is Tim Cook? Apple's New CEO 2011

I pick that number as it's what Apple revenue could conceivably reach during 2011, all with Tim Cook -- and not Steve Jobs -- running the company.

Late this afternoon, Apple's board of directors named Cook the company's new chief executive after cofounder Steve Jobs' stunning and unexpected resignation. In 1996, Apple was near financial collapse.

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Then, right near year's end, Apple unexpectedly bought Jobs' NeXT Computer company, bringing back a cofounder ousted during a 1985 boardroom coup. The following year, Apple released the trendy translucent iMac and showed a promising rebound until summer 2000, when the recession smacked most tech companies. Apple shares collapsed.

Meanwhile, Apple pushed ahead with investments, with four in 2001 that would be foundational for major products available today. They were, in order of 2001 launch: iTunes, Mac OS X, Apple retail stores and iPod. Still, eight years ago, Apple shares traded in the doldrums. On Jan. 7, 2003, when Merrill Lynch recommend "sell" on Apple, shares traded for $14.85.

Not coincidentally, Cook, who joined Apple in 1998, assumed the chief operating officer's role in October 2005. In some ways -- and, please, Mac Fanclubbers don't go on a rampage -- Jobs' next two official medical leaves turned out to be good for Apple with Cook running the company. Jobs asked to remain at Apple as chairman, and the board agreed, but never said he was returning to work.

The September 2008 stock market crash devastated Apple. During 2011, with Cook running Apple, revenues reached $53.24 billion compared to $29.2 billion during the same period in 2010, when Jobs was in charge.

Cook is an odd fit for Apple, or at least as it is perceived. According to his official Apple bio:

"Cook was vice president of Corporate Materials for Compaq and was responsible for procuring and managing all of Compaq’s product inventory. Previous to his work at Compaq, Cook was the chief operating officer of the Reseller Division at Intelligent Electronics. At Compaq he worked against Apple, particularly. Compaq is the company that successfully copied the IBM PC. The IBM PC launched in mid-1981.

A year after Compaq started selling its IBM PC clone, Apple announced the Macintosh, in January 1984. Compaq's clone allowed Windows to spread far and wide, and as the man responsible for managing Compaq's product inventory, Cook's work helped Windows PCs to eventually crush Macs.

So what's the answer to the question "Who is Tim Cook?" He is the man most responsible for Apple's recent market and financial success. He is a logistics genius, who has made Apple's manufacturing and supply chain one of the world's most efficient.

He is the tactician who took risky bets pricing Apple products high, thus preserving margins and establishing a premium brand. He is the person most responsible for the quality of Apple products and the company's uncanny success managing inventories and securing components at hugely favorable prices.

But he's not Steve Jobs. Cook is the right alter-ego to Jobs. Cook is the right man to run that Apple.

Apple intimidation drives developer innovation

Mark this day -- Aug. 10, 2011 -- on a calendar, for it may be remembered as a turning point for Apple, when it finally claimed and maintained largest market capitalization and the beginnings of a developer revolt broke iOS mobile apps dominance.

Yesterday, several times, Apple's market valuation topped Exxon, making it the world's biggest company. Absolute Power

Amazon, Financial Times and Vudu released Web apps that sidestep Apple App Store policies and can be consumed in a browser. Apple's success on mobile devices is largely tied to the iOS App Store, where there are more than 450,000 apps -- 100,000 of them for iPad. Many people are convinced that Apple's platform is a sure winner because of the large number of apps available. Analysts, bloggers, investors and journalists sing this apps-rule-the-day tune. For developers with limited development resources, HTML5 is a compelling alternative.

"While the focus continues to be iOS and Android application development, mobile websites are becoming a complementary requirement for most developers and businesses today".

For some developers, HTML5 mobile web app development is the priority -- and Apple largely is the reason. In February, Apple changed its apps policy for e-bookstores and other content providers barring their using external links to purchase content and demanding in-app purchases. The change meant that to sell books on iOS devices, Amazon, Barnes & Noble and other booksellers would have to pay Apple a 30-percent commission. In July, e-booksellers updated their apps, removing the option to buy via external links.

According to major analyst firms, including Amazon and IDC, iPad has overwhelming market share lead in the market for media tablets. Secondly, Apple's apparent attempts to extend iPad into the nascent e-reader market. F You, Apple

Today's response, from Amazon, Financial Times and Vudu is nothing short of innovation to sidestep intimidation. Wouldn't it be funny if Apple bullying led to a larger developer revolt and escape to HTML5 mobile web apps? In April 2010 post "Clash of the titans: Apple, Google battle for the mobile Web" I laid out opposing Apple and Google worldviews -- one focusing on mobile resident apps the other on apps/services consumed in the browser: "Where these two worldviews clash is the mobile device, such as the smartphone. Mobile applications favor Apple, which tightly controls the hardware-software platform -- and applications development by the APIs it chooses to expose and the terms dictated to developers".

Apple's tight controls have been good for keeping the iOS platform stable and the end user experience consistent. Intimidation is strangely driving innovation -- and some developers away from the App Store.

FT even offers instructions for adding the HTML5 app to the iPad and iPhone home screen.

No need to install an app should chill Apple execs to their bones.

Then there is Amazon, and I must thank Apple. Thanks to the Kindle app Amazon developed to get around restrictive App Store policies, I can now read Kindle ebooks on my Chromebook. I look forward to even more apps, as more developers create HTML5 mobile apps either to compliment those for iOS (and even Android) or even to replace them.

How Steve Jobs Shaped Apple’s Dark Side?

Apples’ products reflect Jobs’ personality, only allowing innovation from within.

The more authentic information about apple, ceo, steve jobs you know, the more likely people are to consider you a apple, ceo, steve jobs expert.

I love my iPhone. Apple's historic 1984 Super Bowl commercial, in which a colorful female hammer-thrower smashes a screen that has mesmerized its colorless male audience into rigid conformity, introduced the Macintosh computer as a darling of the creative community, the antithesis to IBM's blue suits.

In short, Jobs-the-control-freak is big on innovation, as long as it's his innovation.

At the beginning, the Mac and earlier Apple computers were based on closed architecture, meaning most of the parts were proprietary and the operating system was made to work with those proprietary parts and nothing else.

Hacking a Mac was near impossible. Writing an application to run on it required that you use Apple's software development kit (SDK) and play by Apple's rules on how the program would work with the Mac operating system and hardware. Apple app developer.

IBM,America's dominant computer manufacturer at the time, was caught flat-footed by the popular success of Apple's personal computers. To catch up, IBM designed its personal computer to use components manufactured by other companies. IBM lost all control over standards and, eventually, the marketplace.

On the hardware side, the competition drove prices down. PCs, with their price advantage and variety, came to dominate the marketplace.

This all may seem like ancient history except that it cemented the path that Jobs/Apple would take. The iPhone and iPad use applications, or apps, only legitimately available through Apple's iTunes store. Apps are submitted by developers and reviewed by Apple before they can be put in the store.

Android-based phones and tablets, on the other hand, use an open operating system developed by Google. Anyone can modify the Android code to create their own version, and many companies and hackers have. Sound familiar?

Android-based phones are now outselling the iPhone. Does Apple welcome this innovation? Apple headphones? It's unlikely Apple will win in most cases, and in cases where Apple does win, it won't be long before its competitors find work-arounds that are judged original.

The digital world today would not be nearly as advanced, as innovative and as fun were it not for Steve Jobs and Apple. Conversely, the digital world today would not be nearly as varied, as flexible and as affordable were it not for Apple's competitors and the open-source/open-architecture community that is Apple's antithesis.

Steve Jobs' Rich Legacy

A lot has been said and written about how Apple (AAPL) is likely to carry on without Steve Jobs at the helm. I have my opinions on why I think Apple will do OK, but the health of the company isn't on my mind as much as the health of Steve Jobs himself.

He's a powerful force in business, technology and entertainment, but he's also a person, a husband and a father. In addition to his 33-year old daughter Lisa, who has the same name as the Apple computer that was the predecessor of the Macintosh, Jobs also has two younger daughters from his 1991 marriage to Laurene Powell Jobs.

Steve Jobs and I aren't personal friends, but I have known him for more than 27 years. I first met him when I was writing about the Apple II and then again in early 1984 when he gave me a sneak peek at the Macintosh. I wrote at the time that Apple "has started a fever in Silicon Valley that's hard not to catch." And I observed that "some analysts thought that Apple was a dying company" and that "Apple's young chairman, Steve Jobs, blames his company's relatively poor performance on trying to compete with IBM on its own terms rather than 'getting back to our roots.' "

The irony of that quote is that he could have also said it in 1997 when he returned to Apple after it acquired Jobs' NeXT computer platform. By 1997, Apple was starting to look like yet another PC clone company until Jobs' triumphant return. Despite its unique Mac operating system, its products were becoming drab and ordinary.

Jobs doesn't tolerate ordinary and it didn't take long before he started adding some color to the company -- literally -- by replacing some of those drab Mac desktops with the iMac G3 with its teardrop shape and translucent plastic case. It wasn't the most powerful computer on the market and far from the lowest price, but it sure was the most interesting one to look at.

Jobs also took that occasion to jettison the floppy disk drive -- a staple in all PCs since the very early '80s. I'm reminded of that as I type this column on my MacBook Air, which doesn't come with an optical CD/DVD drive, one more once essential vestige that Apple is trying to send to the dust bin.

Jobs' willingness to part with the old was shown again in June 2010. I was in the audience when he told attendees at Walt Mossberg's and Kara Swisher's All Things Digital Conference that we are entering the "post-PC era." Speaking about his own Macs as well as other PCs, Jobs said, "the day is coming when only one out of every few people will need a traditional computer." He likened PCs to trucks, adding "when we were an agrarian nation, all cars were trucks because that's what you needed on the farms."

We're still not at the point where most people can get away with an iPad instead of a PC, but I know some who have done just that. Ironically, Apple -- the very company whose former CEO thinks the PC is becoming gradually extinct -- is a company whose PC sales are growing instead of shrinking.

While Jobs has played a pivotal and pioneering role in the PC industry ever since he and Steve Wozniak introduced the Apple II in 1977, he's also had a major impact on other industries. The iPod and iTunes completely changed the business model of music recording business and the devices we use to play our music.

His work at Pixar, which was acquired by Disney, revolutionized the way animated movies were made and Jobs' baby, the iPhone, completely disrupted the smartphone business. The iPad is poised to do the same to the PC business and some of Apple's Macs, like the MacBook Air, are redefining the way PCs look and work.

I'm one of millions who paid more than twice the going rate for an adequate PC laptop because MacBook Air's slim form, light weight and fast boot up really do make a difference to those of us who carry PCs around a lot.

Apple TV, which Jobs described as a "hobby," hasn't exactly disrupted the TV business yet, but stay tuned. Rumor has it that more TV-related products are in the pipeline, including possibly an Apple branded TV set. It's a good thing for the companies that make toilets that Apple hasn't entered that market. If it did, Apple would be flush with success, leaving the rest of the industry swirling with envy.

As both an icon and a significant force in our local economy, I wish Apple and its new CEO Tim Cook the best. But mostly my thoughts are with Steve and his family. As I said in an earlier column, he's a national treasure who I hope will stick around for as long as possible

Steve Jobs' cancer and treatment 2011

 Rarity of Steve Jobs' cancer and treatment provides few predictions and few options
Like everything else about him, Steve Jobs' medical history has been singular -- an uncommon treatment for a very rare cancer -- so it's tough to predict his fate.

But experts suggest that he's run out of good fixes. If the cancer has returned, he's not a good candidate for a second transplant. Drugs can prolong survival, but they don't cure.

Neither Jobs nor the company has revealed any details of his condition, and none of his doctors is discussing his care. But the iconic tech visionary announced his resignation Wednesday, saying he "could no longer meet my duties and expectations as Apple CEO."

To be sure, Jobs has defied predictions before. In his 2005 speech at Stanford University's commencement

ceremony, he recalled doctors telling him "this was almost certainly a type of cancer that is incurable and that I should expect to live no longer than three to six months." A later analysis found it to be a rare and more treatable type.

In 2009, Jobs rocked the tech world, revealing he had a liver transplant after being diagnosed with a pancreatic neuroendocrine tumor.

Photos taken last February for the National Enquirer showed him looking "skeletal" and "near death" outside Stanford's Cancer Center -- yet only two weeks later, he joined President Barack Obama and the valley's tech titans at venture capitalist John Doerr's sprawling estate in Woodside.

The average three-year survival rate for people with Jobs' condition
who receive a liver transplant is about 70 percent, said Dr. William C. Chapman, chief of the Abdominal Transplantation Section at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis.

By five years, about half are still alive, said Chapman and Dr. Simon Lo, director of pancreatic and biliary diseases at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles.

But there's not much data -- and there's hardly any information at all -- for 10-year survivors.
Only 185 liver transplants were performed for metastatic neuroendocrine tumors in the United States from November 1988 to March 2011. The overall five-year survival rate was 57.8 percent, according to an analysis of the United Network for Organ Sharing database by Baylor surgeon Dr. Christine O'Mahony.

While a transplant occasionally provides a cure, it prolongs survival and eases symptoms only "in a very small subset of patients," favoring those younger than 50, she concluded. Jobs is 56.

"The challenge is that there is a relatively small number of patients who undergo a transplant" for Jobs' type of cancer, Chapman said. "It makes interpretation difficult -- until you have a large series of patients, it becomes anecdotal.''

Lo agreed. "It's a rare condition," he said. "And many places don't consider transplants to be the standard of care. Some consider it semi-experimental. ... So you have a small number of patients, whose individual experiences skew the data."

Neither expert has direct knowledge of Jobs' health, but both agreed that technical problems related to the liver transplant are less common two years after surgery.

Liver transplants work well when the cancer originates in the liver because there is the possibility that it's confined there -- and once it's removed, the patient can be cured, Chapman said.

But if the cancer has started elsewhere -- Jobs' started in the pancreas -- then metastasized to the liver, "there is a greater risk that outside the liver it can recur," he said.

The cancer returns in about half of patients, according to two European studies. In a German study, cancer returned in 7 of 12 transplant patients; in a French study of 31 transplant patients, about half died from cancer.
Repeat transplants are sometimes performed for technical problems, such as vascular thrombosis or chronic rejection, Chapman said.

"In general, it's pretty uncommon to perform a transplant for recurrence of malignancy," Chapman said. That's because if it has returned to the liver, it's more likely to return to other places, too.

"When you're dealing with a cancer that has metastasized, it means it might be hiding somewhere else in the belly," Lo said.

And immune-suppressing drugs reduce resistance, he said, "so there is always worry that the cancer could be encouraged to grow."

There are new drugs to treat the type of tumor that Jobs has -- and prevent transplant rejection. But one of the drugs can create lung or breathing problems, infections and renal failure, leading to death; the second can cause liver problems. Neither agent is proven to cure cancer.

But because medical studies have so few patients with this rare disease, and even fewer get transplants, a precise forecast is impossible, experts said.

Doctors use the abbreviation "N" to symbolize the sample size of a study to identify trends. When it comes to Steve Jobs, said Stanford bioethicist Hank Greely, "As in so many other ways, Jobs is N=1."

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Friday, August 26, 2011

Best Buy Hp Touchpad

New Android device from Hp make a big news this week.  Hp Touchpad like a bird, high play in webs.
Many users want to try Touchpad. A great gadget for you?

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We tried calling several HP reps along with emailing them. It's not exactly what we wanted and but here is the official HP statement emailed from an HP spokeswoman:
  • "We are pleased by the response to webOS and look forward to customer feedback so we can further enhance the platform.
  • TouchPads are currently sold-out and customers can check with or retailers for more information. We will not be selling the 4G AT&T TouchPad. There will be no public launches for the Pre 3."
People who ordered HP Touchpads online over the weekend from Office Depot and OnSale are receiving confirmations that their orders have shipped.  According to an HP  Twitter feed, the best place to get an HP TouchPad is through the HP online store by signing up for a notification. 

We do have another concern, if HP is not going to sell the Pre-3 or the HP TouchPad for AT&T 4G, what are they going to do it with them?

Smartphones, tablets , and computers are made with toxic/rare metals that are dangerous to the environment and must be recycled properly.

If the devices are already manufactured, there could be something philanthropic that HP could do the HP Pre smartphones and tablets.  They could donate the tablets to schools in low-income areas or sell the Palm Pre in other parts of the world.

We really don't one of the HP dumping dumping the devices in landfill where it can be harmful to the planet.

Perhaps some environmental groups, could pressure HP to discover what it will be doing with these devices.  In the meantime the blow-out HP TouchPads can be purchased at steal and be used for tablet reading, surfing and more.

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Download Seas0nPass 0.7.8 to jailbreaking for Apple TV 2G

Download Seas0nPass 0.7.8,  Apple TV 2G,  Jailbreaking tools
Seas0nPass provides an ‘un-tethered’ jailbreak for the latest 4.3 (8F455) AppleTV software. This means the steps listed under the “Using Seas0nPass for a tethered boot” section are not required.
FireCore has launched an updated version of Seas0nPass, their all-in-one jailbreak utility for Apple TV 2G users. The updated tool can provide an un-tethered jailbreak for the most recent firmware – iOS 4.3 build 8F455.

Seas0nPass is a jailbreak tool designed specifically for the second-generation Apple TV that runs a variant of iOS – the mobile operating system powering Apple’s iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch players.
Created exclusively for the Apple TV user, Seas0nPass is actually the first Apple TV-specific jailbreak tool.

Seas0nPass allows you to easily create custom IPSW files for your set-top box and restore them in iTunes, much like with the PwnageTool application from the iPhone Dev Team.

Also included in PwnageTool is a simple ‘tethered boot’ option that aids in using newer Apple TV firmwares when an ‘un-tethered’ jailbreak is not yet available.

The current version, Seas0nPass 0.7.8, provides an ‘un-tethered’ jailbreak for the latest 4.3 (8F455) Apple TV software. An un-tethered hack means users can roam free as soon as the jailbreak is complete, as opposed to having to jailbreak the device every time a reboot is necessary.

FireCore asks users to note that the current Seas0nPass version will not add a Seas0nPass menu to the AppleTV. The developers promise “this is something that will be resolved soon.”

Apple TV iOS 4.3 8F455 jailbreak requirements thus include the latest version of iTunes, the latest version of Seas0nPass, a micro USB cable, an Intel-based Mac running OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard) or later, or a Windows PC running XP or later.

Users must also disconnect any iPods, iPhones, and iPads from their computer before attempting to use Seas0nPass.

A guide on how to use Seas0nPass to jailbreak the Apple TV can be found over at the official FireCore web site.

Note that although jailbreaking does pose some benefits, Apple does not condone the practice.

Download Links
Download Seas0nPass for Mac [10.6 or later]
Download Seas0nPass for Windows [XP or later]
Video tutorial Using Seas0nPass to jailbreak the AppleTV
Troubleshooting tips

Note: The current version will not add a Seas0nPass menu to the AppleTV – this is something that will be resolved soon.

Using Seas0nPass to jailbreak the Apple here..

Thursday, August 25, 2011

HP TouchPad Getting Android 2.3 Gingerbread Port This Week?

hp touchpad only$ 99?

The HP TouchPad was the extremely popular webOS tablet from HP this year right? No not really, but once HP announced that they were retiring the brand and they’d no longer continue with the TouchPad series it quickly because the hottest selling tablet I’ve seen in a while.

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Now that the HP TouchPad is extremely affordable at only $99 for the 16GB and $149 for the 32GB (if you can find them in stock anywhere let us know) they are now attracting tons of attention. Users everywhere are snagging them up hoping to soon run Android on the dual-core tablet.

Yesterday we mentioned that a few developers have already started porting Android to the TouchPad and are calling it TouchDroid but now today we have even better news. New details are coming out from a YouTube video where one user is claiming to already have Android 2.3 Gingerbread running on the TouchPad and will unveil full details and instructions on August 24th, that is in two days on this Wednesday. Here is that video teaser below.

While that is only a teaser we also have a second video to show you today. This is Android 2.2 FroYo pre-installed running on the HP TouchPad instead of webOS. We don’t have a lot of details on this next video the sources are claiming it came out of the box with a ubuntu build and was in fact booting to Android 2.2 stock. That is extremely interesting and a bit odd to say the least.

Looking at that video it appears to still have the plastic on the device. It is running on Android 2.2.1 FroYo and at first boot we see the Qualcomm Innovation Center boot logo, also known as QuIC. These two videos are definitely causing a stir in the Android developer community and is peaking my interest to say the least. While I’ve still not bought one I did try to snag one at a few online retailers that accepted my hard earned dollars but they quickly returned it and said they were out of stock. Sound familiar anyone?

Hopefully we see more details in the next day or two regarding either of these videos as the entire HP TouchPad and Android news continues to climb.

[via Phandroid]

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HP TouchPad Android Port Bounty Now Over $2,000

The bounty to get a workable version of the Android operating system installed on the now-discontinued HP TouchPad is up to $2,000+, as of today.

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Previously reported, the goal of this project is to get some version of Android 2.x onto the TouchPad and, most importantly, stable. If successful, this effort will help keep the HP tablet a little more relevant to those unfortunate early adopters who have been left with a mobile operating system whose future is decidedly uncertain.

The project is being led by the modding community called HackNMod, which said it would divvy up the money to developers who achieve certain milestones, such as the first to get a “basic” port up and running, the first to get Wi-Fi working, the first to get audio functional, etc. $450 for the Android port itself comes from HackNMod itself, while the remaining portion will come from sponsors.

Today, the popular developer forum site XDA announced it, too, is getting in on the effort and has teamed up with HackNMod to increase the bounty to over $2,000. Its donation comes from an anonymous XDA member. XDA also has a dedicated forum for the TouchPad and TouchPad development. The forum thread announcing the increased bounty is here.

One group to watch in this effort is RootzWiki, which is working own its own “Touchdroid” project detailed here. Something tells us they’re going to end up with a good bit of that cash prize.

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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Sony Says PlayStation Vita Offers Experiences Smartphones Cannot Deliver

The PlayStation Vita handheld has been confirmed as coming to the Japanese market before the end of the year and to Europe and North America early in 2012, but a lot of analysts are still wary of competition coming from the smartphone market.
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But it seems that Sony has done the research and is sure that there are experiences that Vita can create that other devices cannot compete with.

John Koller, who is the hardware marketing director working at Sony, has spoken to Gamespot and said, “When you look at the type of consumer that’s playing cell phone games currently, it’s someone that enjoys smaller ‘kill time’ gaming and has not gravitated to the larger, richer, deeper experiences that true handheld gaming provides.”

He added, “We’ve certainly seen that on the PSP, and I know Nintendo has probably commented on it for their products, but as we go toward the PlayStation Vita, I can tell you that as we started looking at that product and the market opportunity several years ago, we saw a real strong demographic for those deeper, richer, console-type experiences.”

Koller believes that the control features offered by Vita, which offer a touch screen element but also traditional options, make it superior to what smartphones have at the moment.

Another big name handheld, the 3DS from Nintendo, has failed to perform as well as expected since it was launched earlier during the year and analysts have blamed a lot of the issues it has faced on tough competition from the iPhone and from the Android-powered devices.

The PlayStation Vita seems to be aimed at a more hardcore audience and that might make it a more successful platform in the long term.

Sony also seems prepared to provide much better post-launch support for the Vita and has a big number of franchises that it can deliver on the new handheld.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Download Dropbox Gains Full OS X Lion Support

Dropbox, the popular cross-platform sync and backup solution, has gained full support for Apple’s Mac OS X Lion, according to a forum post by one of the company’s “dropboxers.”

Writing on the Dropbox forums, Dropboxer Rian H. says, “Hello! Version 1.1 is our flagship internationalized version of the Dropbox desktop client with support for German, French, Spanish, and Japanese.”
He outlines the latest changes in version 1.1.40 for Mac OS X, and other supported platforms, including Linux.

These include:
- Integration support for Mac OS X Lion 10.7
- Backport a fix from 1.2.x to a rare issue (from 1.2.x) where certain Mac OS X machines wouldn’t upload files automatically.
- Backport a fix from 1.2.x that caused the tray menu to become unresponsive on certain Linux machines.

A service aimed at eliminating the need to email stuff to yourself so you can have the same files at home, at work, or on the go, Dropbox lets you bring your photos, documents, videos (and pretty much everything that comes in binary form) in a conveniently placed folder on your Mac, Windows PC, iPhone, etc.

Dropbox uses what the industry refers to as “cloud computing” to enable users to store files for themselves, or share those files with others across the web using synchronization.

Dropbox founder Drew Houston came up with the idea of creating such a service after repeatedly forgetting his USB drive while he was a student at MIT.
Existing services at the time “suffered problems with Internet latency, large files, bugs, or just made me think too much” he said.

Dropbox is similar to Evernote and Pandora Radio in that it operates on the Freemium financial model.
Customers can get a free plan for 2GB of storage, or paid plans for additional storage and faster syncing capabilities.

Download Dropbox for Mac OS X (Free)

· Dropbox account

· You can store up to 2GB of data using a free account.
What’s New in This Release Dropbox 1.2.27 Dev / 1.1.40: [ read full changelog ]
· Integration support for Mac OS X Lion 10.7
· Backport a fix from 1.2.x to a rare issue (from 1.2.x) where certain Mac OS X machines wouldn’t upload files automatically.
· Backport a fix from 1.2.x that caused the tray menu to become unresponsive on certain Linux machines.

Dropbox also available on Android

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Download Shovel Heroes Adventure Game for Android

One of the hottest summer adventure games, Shovel Heroes has just hit Android Market and is now available for download.

Developed by Progrestar, the game challenges players to a RPG-esque gameplay in a world of treasure, monsters and ancient gods.

The story of the game takes place on beautiful tropical islands where players must explore and find the rarest items in the world.

Before starting the game players will be allowed to create a unique avatar, male or female. The avatar can be customized by the player who can choose from a huge set of items, ranging from awesome jackets to funky hair styles.

As the game progresses, character's skills will be increased and new powers can be gained according to the player's needs.

Furthermore, as players collect more collections, they will be able to turn them in for Ruby Crystals. However, in case this is getting boring, Gods will reward players with new powers, instead of Ruby Crystals.

Shovel Heroes also contains a series of mini-games and puzzles that must be solved in order to earn extra energy.

One of the mini-games is called the Rune Matching game and challenges players to unblock runestones by tracing the rune symbol with their finger.

There are 80 islands that can be explored and no less than 40 collections to gather. Players can warn an Extra Reward in case they manage to complete the exploration of islands.

It is also worth mentioning, that every home island can be decorated to make it more comfy. Players can use various objects purchased from local merchants or they can show it off to their friends, as well as check out their home islands.

Shovel Heroes for Android is now available as a free download from Android Market and is compatible with all devices running Android 2.2 and up.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Download Dropbox for Android 1.2.4 for Android

 A new version of Dropbox' mobile client for mobile phone running under Google's Android operating system is now available for download via the Android Market.
The new release, Dropbox for Android 1.2.4, comes with a series of appealing features for users, some added based on user requests.

“We just released version 1.2.4 of Dropbox for Android to the Android Market! We've added thumbnails in the file browser by popular demand, along with other new features, bug fixes, and performance improvements,” the development team notes. 

In addition to releasing the app in the Android Market (available here from the phone), the Dropbox team also made the application available for download via their own servers, and can be found here.

The release notes for the new Dropbox for Android 1.2.4 includes the following:

- Photo thumbnails in file browser
- Folder deletion
- Bug fixes and performance improvements
- Security updates (thanks to Tyrone Erasmus)

The application was designed to offer users fast access to their Dropbox accounts, and to enable them access files stored in the cloud while on the go.

At the same time, the mobile application offers users the possibility to easily save files available on the mobile phone to their Dropbox accounts, and to perform a variety of other actions as well.

Dropbox is a free service that lets you bring all your photos, docs, and videos anywhere. After you install Dropbox on your computer, any file you save to your Dropbox will automatically save to all your computers, your Android device, and even the Dropbox website,” the company explains.

With the mobile client for Android devices, users would benefit from management of their files in the cloud straight from the phone at all times, as long as Internet connectivity is available.

As stated above, those who would like to try out the latest version of Dropbox for Android should head over to the official storefront for that. The application is available in the web Market here.

How to Install Linux Kernel 3.0 on Ubuntu 11.04

By following this tutorial,  it will teach Ubuntu users how to install the Linux kernel 3.0 packages on their Ubuntu 11.04 (Natty Narwhal) operating system.

Announced by Linus Torvalds on July 21st, Linux kernel 3.0 brings nice features, such as Btrfs data scrubbing and automatic defragmentation, Berkeley Packet Filter JIT filtering, unprivileged ICMP_ECHO, XEN Dom0 support, wake on WLAN, lots of new drivers and support for many hardware components, support for Microsoft Kinect, support for Apple iSight webcam, support for AMD Llano Fusion APUs, and much more.

How-to-Install-Linux-Kernel-3-0-on-Ubuntu-11-04-2, download kernel, kernel linux, instal kernel linux

Today’s tutorial is for those of you who want to install Linux kernel 3.0 on their Ubuntu 11.04 (Natty Narwhal) systems. In other words, with this guide, we will teach you, step by step, how to install Linux kernel 3.0 on your existing Ubuntu 11.04 (Natty Narwhal) installation, replacing the old 2.6 kernel.

Step 1 – Downloading Linux kernel 3.0 for Ubuntu 11.04
Download the following files for your architecture, one by one, and place them on your home folder (click on the links below to download them):

For Ubuntu 11.04 32-bit

For Ubuntu 11.04 64-bit

Step 2 – Install Linux kernel 3.0 on Ubuntu 11.04
Hit the CTRL+ALT+T key combination on your keyboard and paste the following command in the terminal window:

sudo dpkg -i linux-headers-3.0.0-0300_3.0.0-0300.201107220917_all.deb linux-headers-3.0.0-0300-generic_3.0.0-0300.201107220917_i386.deb linux-image-3.0.0-0300-generic_3.0.0-0300.201107220917_i386.deb

Wait for the installation to finish. It should not output any errors. If so, reboot your computer and select the Linux kernel 3.0 entry on your GRUB boot loader.

That’s it! You are now running Linux kernel 3.0 on your Ubuntu 11.04 (Natty Narwhal) operating system. If you encounter any hardware issues with this kernel, you can always reboot your machine and select the old kernel from the GRUB boot loader.

WARNING: Do NOT remove the old Linux kernel packages from your Ubuntu machine!

Download Firefox 7 Beta

The fully-fledged Beta development milestone of Firefox 7 is now available for download from Mozilla, after a preview release went live earlier this week. 
This is the first Firefox 7 testing release out of a series of Beta refreshes which will undoubtedly follow, from now and until the end of September 2011, when Firefox 7 Final is expected to launch.

Since it switched to an overhauled development process and an accelerated release pace, Mozilla has built less new features and capabilities into major new iterations of its open source browser.

However, Firefox is still evolving, and Firefox 7 does bring a collection of enhancements to the stable, starting with the traditional stability bug fixes designed to improve reliability.

Firefox 7 sports “drastically improved memory use,” to quote Mozilla. In fact, the opens source browser vendor is hoping that Firefox 7 will outperform all its rivals.

“Migration day was also kind to Beta. We uplifted more than 2,400 change sets from Aurora to Beta. Among these Firefox 7 changes are some amazing memory improvements. When this makes it to users in just under 6 weeks, Mozilla will re-take the memory efficiency crown and give our users the highly responsive Firefox they deserve. Thanks to everyone in the mem-shrink effort for making this happen,” the company said.

There are a set of additional improvements in Firefox 7, which early adopters can already experience by downloading the first Beta Build:

“• Added a new rendering backend to speed up Canvas operations on Windows systems

• Bookmark and password changes now sync almost instantly when using Firefox Sync

• Added support for text-overflow: ellipsis

• Added support for the Web Timing specification

• Added an opt-in system for users to send performance data back to Mozilla to improve future versions of Firefox. This can be enabled by installing an add-on.”

Download Firefox 7 Beta and Firefox 6 for Windows.
Dwnload Firefox 7 Beta and Firefox 6 for Linux.
Firefox 7 Beta and Firefox 6 for Mac.

Next-Gen AMD GPUs Come in Early 2012

Reports concerning AMD's future series of graphics adapters have emerged in the past, but a recent one appears to contradict them, at least as far as the estimated time of arrival is concerned.

As end-users must be aware, Advanced Micro Devices, like NVIDIA, has been working on its next range of graphics adapters.

Though the Fusion accelerated processing units have the low-end and even the mainstream well in hand, add-in-boards aren't about to disappear.

As such, the Sunnyvale, California-based company is preparing to unleash the next generation Radeon boards.

So far, there have been some rumors and reports about the products, most of which were in agreement over the likely time of arrival, although the time frame was always somewhat vague.

More precisely, it was surmised that the first graphics cards would arrive in the fourth quarter of this year (2011).

Now, however, a certain interview that PowerColor's sales director agreed to places the Radeon HD 7000 series as slated for the first quarter of 2012 instead.

This is not the only divergence form what has been leaked so far, as the manufacturing process that the GPUs are to be based on is also different.

Liao says that TSMC's 40nm is the most likely to be employed, despite how not just AMD, but also NVIDIA, have been moving visibly on the 28nm front.

In fact, the former already said that it has working samples of 28nm chips, so a miscommunication must have happened either in this case (most likely) or previous leaks.

All in all, though the new words do appear to shed some light on things, one shouldn't rule out the previously reported time frame.

Those so inclined may visit the aforementioned interview in order to learn more of the PowerColor Radeon HD 6870 X2, HD 6970 X2 and HD 6970 Eyefinity.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Download BitTorrent 7.0.2 for Mac OS X - Lion

BitTorrent, the well known file sharing cross-platform protocol, has gotten a new update on the Mac. The BitTorrent Mac client has reached version 7.0.2 Build 23548 which, according to our tests, is now fully compatible with OS X Lion.

BitTorrent version 7 is a native cocoa client for Mac OSX 10.5 (Leopard) and up. It’s also universal, meaning it works in both PowerPC and Intel environments.

The software shares the same high speed and low resource benefits of the Windows PC version and, in some instances, the Mac client is even faster.

we can confirm that Mac OS X 10.7 Lion handles BitTorrent beautifully, if not better than its competitors - Transmission and Vuze.

Should you need to end and restart a download session, torrents pick up where they left off in just a few seconds.

Browsing through the app’s interface is snappy and, so far, it hasn’t crashed once, even when fed a bulk of ten torrents in one shot.

Thanks to some under-the-hood enhancements included when BitTorrent 7 was initially launched, BTML Mac users can now enjoy the bandwidth and network management automation of ?TP, as well as all the modern BitTorrent enhancements of DHT, PEX, Protocol Encryption and magnet link handling, according to the developers.

BitTorrent has always been the client that doesn't hog system resources. It’s cruising right along on OS X Lion, and you can still add new features through the App Studio, skin the app, and more.
As avid fans of the application should already know, BitTorrent is instinctively smart.

Just as it does on Leopard and Snow Leopard, BitTorrent 7.0.2 auto-adjusts bandwidth usage based upon network and the Internet. As such, other Internet-intensive apps won’t affect your download queue.
Last, but not least, those who maintain the Mac version of BitTorrent say "there are new things on the horizon."

Download BitTorrent for Mac OS X (Free)

The people behind BitTorrent have a new project coming up. It’s called Chrysalis (sounds like something out of Star Trek, doesn’t it) and it’s described as “the next generation of the BitTorrent Mainline client.”
“In addition to a complete redesign of the user interface and all of the features you know and love from BitTorrent, the beta reveals a new capability previously unseen in any other BitTorrent client: personal content channels,” reads the description.

The developers are eager for you to try it today and let them know what you think. You can access the beta at this here address.

Here are some key features of "BitTorrent BitTorrent 7.0.2 for Mac OS X - Lion":

· Bandwidth limiter (automatic and manual)
· Customizable interface
· Disk Cache system
· Distributed Hash Table (DHT) support
· Download bar
· Download scheduler
· Embedded tracker
· HTTPS tracker support
· Initial Seeding (Super Seeding)
· IP Blocklist support
· Local Peer Discovery (LPD)
· Local Tracker Discovery
· Localization
· Magnet URI support
· Multi-scrape support
· Multi-torrent interface with queueing support
· NAT Port Mapping Protocol (NAT-PMP) support
· Peer Exchange
· Protocol Encryption
· Proxy support
· RSS "Broadcatching"
· Search bar
· Selective file downloading
· Tetris (Easter Egg)
· Unicode support
· Universal Plug and Play (UPnP) support
· Web Interface
· Web Seeding support

What's New in This Release: [ read full changelog ]

· Version 7.0 is a native cocoa client for Mac OSX 10.5+ Universal, and shares the same high speed and low resource benefits of our Windows version. BTML Mac users can now enjoy the bandwidth and network management automation of μTP, as well as all the modern BitTorrent enhancements of DHT, PEX, Protocol Encryption and magnet link handling. Or to put it simply, with this new engine, BTML is faster, easier and more powerful than ever.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

First Update Lion with OS X 10.7.1

Less than a month after releasing Lion, Apple’s rolled out its first update.
Update Your OS X now.. get new features of Lion.
First Update Lion with Mac OS X 10.7.1, update lion, mac os x, 
lion os x, os x apple, download os x lion

In a software update that went out this afternoon, the company released OS X 10.7.1, a download that fixes a handful of bugs left by the initial release. The full list includes:
• Address an issue that may cause the system to become unresponsive when playing a video in Safari
• Resolve an issue that may cause system audio to stop working when using HDMI or optical audio out
• Improve the reliability of Wi-Fi connections
• Resolve an issue that prevents transfer of your data, settings, and compatible applications to a new Mac running OS X Lion
The software is being offered in two different versions: one for all users, and another for the new MacBook Air and Mac Mini. The one for those latter two machines fixes three additional problems:
• Resolve an issue where MacBook Air may boot up when MagSafe Adapter is attached
• Resolve an issue causing intermittent display flickering on MacBook Air
• Resolve an issue that causes the SD card slot in Mac mini to run at reduced speed with SD and SDHC media
Those looking for new features as part of OS X updates will have to wait a bit longer. That includes Mac OS X system integration with iCloud, Apple’s upcoming cloud-based sync and hosting service which is due this fall. Developers got the latest beta of that, along with a test build of Mac OS X 10.7.2 last week.

How to Find Printer Drivers on OS X Lion?

Get solution to find printer drivers for your OS X Lion…

Upgrading to a new version of OS X is a process that is always fraught with peril; no matter how smooth Apple tries to make the transition-and, by all accounts, the company makes it very smooth indeed-there always a number of factors that are outside of the normal upgrade process and must be researched and anticipated, lest they trip up the unwary user and cause all sorts of problems.

lion update, lion logo, mac os x lion, How to Find Printer Drivers
 on OS X Lion, download driver printer os x lion, download driver 
printer lion

One of these steps into the unknown is figuring out what’s going to happen to your peripherals once you install the new operating system. Printers, in particular, are tough to figure out: the wide variety of manufacturers and models can make determining whether all will be well post-upgrade a challenge.

The good news
The first thing to keep in mind is that the odds of an upgrade going smoothly are very much in your favor, because, unlike the transition from OS X 10.5 to 10.6, Apple has not made any major changes to the printing technology in OS X Lion. Therefore, most manufacturers have now had several years in which to tweak their support for Apple’s desktop OS, and most of them have, by now, been able to catch up.
How to Find Printer Drivers on OS X  Lion, download driver printer
  os x lion, download driver printer lion
Although it’s always dangerous to draw conclusions from a small sample, in my case Mac OS X Lion was able to immediately find and install updated drivers for all the printers in our office, including one that’s nearly 10 years old and was made by a manufacturer that no longer exists. In fact, the

Do your homework
 Obviously, waiting until after you’ve upgraded to find out whether your printer will still work under Lion is a risky proposition; if, for some reason, updated drivers aren’t available, you may have no choice but to either give up on your printer, or revert back to an older version of OS X. Neither of these options is particularly palatable; therefore, it pays off to do a little research first-if not for any other reason than to at least get into the upgrade process with full knowledge of what lies ahead.

Your first stop should be Apple’s support Website, which contains a list of printer models that are supported on OS X Snow Leopard and Lion. The list is thorough and extensive, with information on a wide range of manufacturers and printers; for multi-function devices, this data also details whether the driver can be used for printing, scanning, or faxing.

Finding your printer in the list is usually straightforward, particularly if you keep in mind that some drivers cover an entire range of models; for example, a Samsung CLP-315 will be covered by the Samsung CLP-310 Series driver.

Second plan of action
Download OS X Lion New Drivers,HP, Samsung Printers, How to Find 
Printer Drivers on OS X  Lion, download driver printer os x lion, 
download driver printer lion

If your printer is not listed on Apple’s Website, your next stop should be the manufacturer’s own online presence, where you are likely to find additional information about drivers that a manufacturer supports. These do not necessarily correspond with the list that Apple provides, since an individual printer maker may provide “unofficial” drivers for older models that the fine folks from Cupertino have, for a variety of reasons, decided not to include in the official Lion distribution list.

Most of the major manufacturers have dedicated pages that outline the availability of drivers for Lion, including Brother, Canon, Epson, Hewlett-Packard, Kodak, OKI, Xerox, and Lexmark.

In some other cases, you may have to do a little more digging; for example, Samsung maintains a separate page for each printer model on its support Website, which means that an answer is, most likely, just a quick search away.

And don’t forget the telephone. Most major printer companies have support phone lines where you can seek help from a human being.

When all else fails
Download OS X Lion New Drivers,HP, Samsung Printers, How to Find  
Printer Drivers on OS X  Lion, download driver printer os x lion,  
download driver printer lion, brother, canon, epson
If neither Apple nor the manufacturers seem to be of any help, fear not.

In many cases, even if there is no software available for a particular printer model, you might be able to use one of the several generic drivers supported by OS X. These appear in Print & Scan when OS X cannot determine that a more specific driver will do, and can often offer at least basic printing functionality that could save an otherwise unusable printer.

Apple’s support communities are a veritable treasure trove of information; if you’re experiencing a problem of any kind, there’s a fair chance that someone else has already reported it and possibly found a solution. At the very least, if no solution currently exists, a quick look through the forums will save you the pain of scouring the Web for information only to come up empty-handed. The same idea applies to your printer’s manufacturer; even where no drivers are offered, most companies maintain a peer-to-peer discussion forum where you might be able to find workable alternatives.

Finally, a Google search can uncover other “unofficial” drivers for printers, like Splix and Gutenprint; while these are unsupported and require a bit of an adventurous streak to install, they can often mean the difference between a working printer and an expensive, oversized paperweight.

Download OS X Lion New Drivers for HP, Samsung Printers here

OS X Lion USB Thumb Drive on Apple Store

It’s simple but powerful tools for apple lovers. OS X Lion USB Thumb Drive available on Apple Store. The Priced at $69. Simple and easy to use.

OS X Lion is the next major release of the Mac operating system and includes over 250 new features that will transform how you interact with your Mac. Tap, swipe, and scroll your way through your apps using fluid Multi-Touch gestures. Full-screen apps take advantage of every pixel of your display.

Mission Control gives you a birds-eye view of everything running on your Mac and makes it easy to navigate anywhere with a click. Launchpad gives you instant access to all the apps on your Mac. And a completely redesigned Mail app features powerful new search capabilities and groups messages into Conversations.

OS X Lion USB Thumb Drive, Apple Store, USB Stick, Bootable Mac OS
 X USB Disk, apple mac os x, os x lion

Priced at $69

OS X Lion is also available as a digital download from the Mac App Store for a lower price. For users who do not have Broadband Internet access at home, school or work, the USB thumb drive for installation without the need for a broadband Internet connection.”

“Just plug the drive into your USB port and follow the instructions to install. OS X Lion is also available for a lower price as a digital download from the Mac App Store,” the company adds.

There is one small note (albeit a very important one) on the page advertising the Lion Recovery,” says Apple. “You will need to use the USB thumb drive to reinstall OS X Lion.”

Download Best iPad Apps For Finding a Restaurant

We have plans to eat at restaurants, but Sometimes  we feel confused to find restaurants,  menus, and  its location.

Don’t worry, iPad provides Restaurant finder app. So you will easy, convenient, fast and precise to find best Restaurant for you and family or your love.

1. FastFood – Top Restaurant finder app
No other location app shows you restaurant deals, menu, reviews, ratings, map and info all on one page.
Restaurant finder app, Restaurant finder ipad apps, Best 
Restaurant finder iPad app,Apple commercials, Best iPad Apps, ipad 
restaurant finder, restaurant finder ipad app, restaurant finding apps
This app will save you money, let you find all kind of restaurants, give you nutritional info, restaurant menu’s, reviews, ratings and deals. Use FastFood to find restaurants nearest you with a single tap!

We’re continuously improving FastFood for you, so keep checking back for more updates! In the meantime, leave us feedback to let us know what you like and what you want next!

Note: Using an iPod Touch will result in a less accurate location than GPS, as geographical location is determined by triangulation in WiFi.

Download FastFood  V 3.4.0:

This is the app from the Apple commercials with the “slot machine” randomizing feature to add a little fun to your search. Of course, you can also filter choices by cuisine, price, or location. Urbanspoon also includes access to ratings and reviews and a “friends” feature to add a touch of social networking.but it’s no Yelp.
Urbanspoon, download Urbanspoon,Restaurant finder app, Restaurant 
 finder ipad apps, Best Restaurant finder iPad app,Apple commercials,  
Best iPad Apps, ipad restaurant finder, restaurant finder ipad app,  
restaurant finding apps
- Use GPS to find a restaurant near you
- Filter by neighborhood, cuisine, or price
- Search and browse local restaurants
- See a list of all nearby eateries
- Compare restaurant picks with your friends
- Ratings and reviews from newspapers, bloggers, and fellow eaters
Covers all of the United States and Canada, and large metro areas in the UK and Australia.

Download Urbanspoon  V 1.1.7:

3. Restaurant Finder
Perfect for travelers, Restaurant Finder lets you enter the cuisine you want and the city/zip code or location, and returns the nearest restaurants that have what you’re hungry for, displaying address, telephone number, and URL, if available. It also gives you a handy weather forecast, so you know when “closer is is better.”

Restaurant Finder for iPad, Restaurant finder app, Restaurant  
finder ipad apps, Best Restaurant finder iPad app,Apple commercials,  
Best iPad Apps, ipad restaurant finder, restaurant finder ipad app,  
restaurant finding apps
Download Restaurant Finder V 1.1 :

4. Yelp (Free) 
Yelp isn’t hopping on the social networking bandwagon; it’s the real deal. That’s because Yelp is a website first and an app second (which is both good and bad–but more on that in a moment). With Yelp you search for a restaurant, bar, club, or any business in similar ways to other restaurant-finding apps, or just enter the name of a food (e.g., “Peking Duck”) and Yelp finds a place for you. You can post notes and reviews (although you have to go to the Yelp site to post–hence the “good and bad” comment above.)

download Yelp for ipad, Restaurant finder app, Restaurant finder 
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Apps, ipad restaurant finder, restaurant finder ipad app, restaurant 
finding apps

The “Check-in” feature lets you and your friends track each others’ whereabouts. Fear not: Check-in is voluntary, so if the stalker ex is back, you’re safe. Check into the same place often enough, and Yelp decides you’re a regular. Some user complaints of outdated/inaccurate information; not bad at finding the eats, great at keeping the party rolling.

1.  Search for businesses near you
2.  Tap quick links to find nearby bars, restaurants, cafes and more
3.  Narrow your searches by ‘hood, distance, price, and what’s open now
4. Browse reviews to read what’s great (and not so great) in your city
5.  Add Quick Tips, photos, and draft reviews for your favorite businesses
6.  Check-in and share on Facebook and Twitter
7.  Make reservations on OpenTable without leaving the Yelp app
8.  Look up addresses and phone numbers for thousands of businesses, then call or map them from your iPhone
9.  Yelp does augmented reality with Monocle. Overlay business information onto the world around you

Download Yelp V5.3.2 :

So many iPad apps that can help you in everyday. Not only office apps, but iPad has many benefits to facilitate a variety of our needs.

Download Firefox 7 Aurora

Update Your Firefox to Firefox 6, get more features feel more great options.
Download Firefox Aurora, download new firefox, Mozilla firefox 6, free download mozzila firefox
Web developers are in for a treat with Firefox 6, as the browser debuts several tools and features aimed squarely at them.

“The new ‘Web Developer’ menu in Firefox provides easy access to tools that help developers build and debug websites directly in the browser,” Mozilla writes.

“Developers will enjoy the new Scratchpad tool, which makes it simple to quickly enter, execute, test and refine JavaScript snippets in Firefox without needing to work in a one-line console,” it adds.

“The Web Console is improved with an auto-complete feature and the ability to customize the console’s location to save developers time,” Mozilla said providing a run-down of developer-oriented updates.

One change that regular users will notice, is the redesigned site identity block. The UI element, which highlights whether your connecting to a website via an encrypted connection, is now bigger and easier to spot.
The domain of a website is now highlighted making it easier to distinguish in a long URL.

If you’re a Panorama user, you’ll be glad to know that Firefox 6 now starts up faster, since it only loads Panorama groups that are active and selected.

Under the hood, Firefox 6 re-introduces support for the Websockets protocol which was removed earlier due to some inherent security issues. The protocol has been redesigned and major browsers are supporting it again.

Web developers should also note that Firefox 6 supports the element, which, as the name implies, provides a visual way of tracking file uploads, data processing, and any other action that is ‘in progress.’

Download Firefox 5 for Windows
Download Firefox 5  for Linux
Download Firefox 5  for Mac

If you want to download according your language, go to this page:
Let's to try New Firefox 7 Aurora..

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Download Best Cooking apps for iPad

As a good mother you would be the best cook for the family every day. Sometimes you have difficulty finding the right recipes to create a varied menu of  food every day.

cooking apps for ipad,ipad commercial cooking app , ipad cooking 
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for ipad , mastercook ipad , mastercook ipad app

Don’t worry, cooking app in ipad will help you now! This could become a popular app for the kitchen iPad. It’s called Cookmate Recipe Finder.

“Did you ever had several items that you were just not sure of how to bring them together into a spontaneous and delicious meal? There’s an app for that! Cookmate tells you what is possible to cook from these ingredients! Never wonder what’s for dinner again!”

- Check items that you currently have available
- Cookmate will offer you different recipe ideas that include your available ingredients
- It will also inform you how to prepare each tasty dish!

- Stylish and beautiful User Interface
- Easy to use, easy to Cook Recipes
- Post to you wall on Facebook
- Saves you time and money
- Shopping list
- Add your Photo to recipe

Check out the video below:

Download Cookmate Cooking apps for iPad here:

ipad commercial cooking app or cooking app in ipad commercial?
Help mother to get ideas for cook. :)

Saturday, August 13, 2011

iPhone 5 Training Underway at Canadian Operator Rogers (Unconfirmed)

Canadian iPhone carrier Rogers Wireless has kicked off staff training with an eye on the iPhone 5 launch, according to a leaked internal document that clearly has employees preparing for a new Apple smartphone.

Reports are coming in from iPhoneinCanada and Cultofmac that Canadian wireless operator Rogers is giving its employees the heads up regarding an “iPhone Pre-Launch Training.”

The Apple-centric site recalls that such leaked documents have done well to confirm product launches in the past, though an ounce of skepticsm never hurts, may we add.

However, based on the wording in the leaked file, the next iPhone should arrive in a matter of weeks. From the original document:

“As of August 11th, the training for the iPhone pre-launch will start. Please complete this training once notified by the Just in Time (JIT) training coordinator in your site. the module is a 45 minute self-study; please make sure to complete the following training: iPhone Pre-Launch Training - Rogers Wireless 2011.”

The Rogers document only adds fuel to the fire of those who strongly believe the iPhone 5 will arrive this fall.
And why shouldn’t it? All the elements are there to make fall 2011 the perfect time to launch a new iPhone that will leverage at least two new Apple products - iCloud and the highly improved iOS 5.

There is some debate as to whether the actual device will be substantially different from the current hardware, but it is fair to assume that the 5.0 moniker deserves some cool new features that make the handset stand out.
After all, Apple cannot lose its reputation of being a constant innovator by launching the rumored iPhone 4S.

Perhaps a cheap, middle-class iPhone will be released as well. Word on the web is that it will have many ties with iCloud and that it may even be free for those who embrace the successor of MobileMe by getting themselves a paid plan.
iPhone 5 Training Underway at Canadian Operator Rogers (Unconfirmed)

Apple 'Changed' the Universe with the Release of OS X Lion

Apple has reportedly modified an iconic picture of the Andromeda galaxy originally produced by astrophotographer Robert Gendler in order to use it as the default wallpaper of Mac OS X Lion.

The Universe holds many galaxies like our own, the Milky Way - a spirally thingy made up of hundreds of billions of suns, one of which is eight light-minutes away from our Earth.

One such galaxy is Andromeda, a spiral pool of stars approximately 2.5 million light-years from Earth in the constellation Andromeda.

It was shot in all its splendor by astrophotographer Robert Gendler back in 2007.

His image is published in the 2008 Guiness Book of World Records as the Largest image (in pixel dimensions) of a spiral Galaxy ever taken.

David Kaplan, assistant professor of physics at the University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee, sent boing boing a gif image showing the differences between the original picture and the one that serves as the default wallpaper in OS X 10.7.

It shows quite a few differences between them.

So, Kaplan told the blog, “Apple has once again altered the Universe according to their whim. They moved/removed many stars, and got rid of a whole galaxy. This is M110, which is one of M31?s [Andromeda's] satellites. The other big satellite, M32, is still there.”

The observation, of course, isn’t bad intended.

Rather, it’s a humorous take on the fact that Apple decided to brush out an entire galaxy so the image doesn't look cluttered, or too asymmetrical, perhaps.

Kaplan said he couldn't guarantee whether or not M110 (the galaxy Apple erased from the photo) was still observable in the night sky (again, most likely as a joke). But he said he was pretty sure Photoshop had something to do with the way Apple's wallpaper shows.

As Apple fans will agree, the Mac maker’s version of the Andromeda is, by far, more attractive, considering the vivid colors, the gradient lighting, the hues, you name it.

However, for something as elegant as the Cosmos, I for one disagree with Apple’s decision to doctor the image to such extent that an entire galaxy had to be removed for the sake of a wallpaper.