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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

How Steve Jobs Shaped Apple’s Dark Side?

Apples’ products reflect Jobs’ personality, only allowing innovation from within.

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I love my iPhone. Apple's historic 1984 Super Bowl commercial, in which a colorful female hammer-thrower smashes a screen that has mesmerized its colorless male audience into rigid conformity, introduced the Macintosh computer as a darling of the creative community, the antithesis to IBM's blue suits.

In short, Jobs-the-control-freak is big on innovation, as long as it's his innovation.

At the beginning, the Mac and earlier Apple computers were based on closed architecture, meaning most of the parts were proprietary and the operating system was made to work with those proprietary parts and nothing else.

Hacking a Mac was near impossible. Writing an application to run on it required that you use Apple's software development kit (SDK) and play by Apple's rules on how the program would work with the Mac operating system and hardware. Apple app developer.

IBM,America's dominant computer manufacturer at the time, was caught flat-footed by the popular success of Apple's personal computers. To catch up, IBM designed its personal computer to use components manufactured by other companies. IBM lost all control over standards and, eventually, the marketplace.

On the hardware side, the competition drove prices down. PCs, with their price advantage and variety, came to dominate the marketplace.

This all may seem like ancient history except that it cemented the path that Jobs/Apple would take. The iPhone and iPad use applications, or apps, only legitimately available through Apple's iTunes store. Apps are submitted by developers and reviewed by Apple before they can be put in the store.

Android-based phones and tablets, on the other hand, use an open operating system developed by Google. Anyone can modify the Android code to create their own version, and many companies and hackers have. Sound familiar?

Android-based phones are now outselling the iPhone. Does Apple welcome this innovation? Apple headphones? It's unlikely Apple will win in most cases, and in cases where Apple does win, it won't be long before its competitors find work-arounds that are judged original.

The digital world today would not be nearly as advanced, as innovative and as fun were it not for Steve Jobs and Apple. Conversely, the digital world today would not be nearly as varied, as flexible and as affordable were it not for Apple's competitors and the open-source/open-architecture community that is Apple's antithesis.

How Steve Jobs Shaped Apple’s Dark Side?

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