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Thursday, June 7, 2012

4 Must-Have Photo Apps for Your Android

One of advanced features available on Android smartphone is the ability to take pictures with good quality. We can enjoy time and save all funny moments that happen around us. But all feels less excited if you don't install extra applications!

Well, android does have lots of fun features and applications, you should be proud to have smartphone with Android technology because there are many photo apps that can make all the images looks cute, unique, and make you laugh.

Here are some photo applications for your Android smartphone:

1. Camera Fun Free is application where you can take a photo with different effect lenses so you can get pictures instantly without having to do editing. There are six lenses that can give different effects, but if you are interested to buy the pro version then you can use 29 lens effects!

2. Paper Camera offers features that make image or photo look like a sketch drawn on paper using a pencil. This application advantage isn't much different from Camera Fun Free and you don't need to edit the photo/image because can use the effect before shooting.

3. Lightbox Photos offers features that not much different from Instagram, even you also can give funny effects in the photos. You can also share edited images into various social networks you have. You must have this application as an alternative!

4. If your friend can't smile in front of camera, turn their faces to look silly and funny! You need Photo Warp, a photo application that offers visual effects that make you can't stop to laugh. This application is suitable for you who want to make jokes and the images can be shared through social networks accounts.

5. If you like to joke with friends and family, Faces app for android brings everything you need. You can edit your photos and give some cute or silly decorations.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Find Out the Best Antivirus for Ubuntu

Every computer and laptop users want to give extra protection associated with any files or documents on their device. They are willing spend money to buy an antivirus program. Actually, Ubuntu has a security level that has been tested and not easily infected with various viruses. But it never hurts to prepare everything as prevention to unwanted things.

There are plenty of antivirus programs offer features tailored to user needs, either free or paid. In order to get extra protection, some people are willing spend lots of money to buy premium antivirus program.

If you don't have money and believe with the security level of security offered by the open source Ubuntu operating system, the following is a list of antivirus that you can install on the computer or laptop.

1. Besides providing a paid version (Premium), AVG also issued a free antivirus program which can be downloaded at their official site. Although offering a free feature, they always give the latest virus definition updates to make sure your computer free from trouble.

AVG Free Edition gets a positive response from users and effective way to detect harmful viruses. That's why they get the award for 10 best free antivirus programs.

2. The service quality offered by Avast shouldn't be doubt anymore. They offer free edition program which made it into 5 best free antivirus programs. It provides extra security and you don't have to worry about the safety of files or documents.

Avast provides updates on a regular basis even though they also have disadvantages. The interface is user-friendly but it's not a big problem. You simply take the time to trial and error.

3. ClamAV is compatible antivirus with various versions of Ubuntu. This antivirus program provides protection for those who often communicate through email and ClamAV have many experiences to this problem.

4. Have you ever heard F-Prot Antivirus? Maybe the name isn't well-known but it's often used as antivirus program for Linux and UNIX servers but can also be installed on the computer or laptop. This program can be considered as free antivirus with premium features!

Amazing Spider-Man Game for Android: Let's Jump & Swing

Who's your favorite superhero? Well, in early 2000, we were surprised when Universal Studios make superhero movie, Spiderman. The Peter Parker character played by Tobey Maguire which managed to capture success, not only in movie but other franchises including the game industry.

Well, on 2012, Universal Studio will release Spiderman Reboot which called as The Amazing Spider-man! Absolutely the story plot is different from the previous story, Spiderman 3. We no longer see Kirsten Dunst and Tobey Maguire. This new movie is starring by Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield.

Because tell about a different story, whether this movie will get a positive response from the fans? Well, let's wait and see. Certainly, the movie success can enhance other franchises.

Gameloft, the official game developer of Amazing Spider-Man has making press release about the game schedule. They will release it on the 3rd of June, coinciding with the movie première for the first time. After waiting for almost five years, fans can finally look back on their hero. Even with the storyline and new players.

Absolutely, they will get a new experience. The latest Spiderman movie uses 3D technology and fans can feel the adventure when Peter Parker jumps and swings from building to another. That's really makes our heart pounding so fast!

The game developer is still keeping everything behind the game. They work together with Marvel about storyline that makes the gamers curious to play it. Maybe, they will see sharp and phenomenal graphics.

It is estimated the plot isn't much different from the movie version. We will play as Peter Parker and defeat The Lizard. Official information and news about this game is still full of mystery. Even the price is still not released but based on an estimate and you can get it under $ 7.

If your favorite superhero is Spiderman, please be patient until next month. You can also look cool as Peter Parker, we mean as Spiderman.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Let's Play Demolition, Great News for Non-Tegra Users

Android users who have Tegra technology, they are pampered with a variety of exciting games and one of them is Demolition. But for those who have Android devices without Tegra technology, you can also feel the thrilling adventure from that game.

At first, this game application was made intended for Tegra technology. But in the end, Demolition was also released to android devices without Tegra technology. It would be fun, right? Although has been released for a different version, users can't enjoy maximize graphic. Yup, this game has better graphic display on Tegra device.

The users don't have to disappointed, although the graphics aren't quite sharp and advanced as Tegra version, you can enjoy the game with performance and gameplay which regarded as one of exciting games for android devices.

Well, why this game is so special? There are many reasons why you should install it. The exciting adventure and story that we are never met before. This game belongs to sci-fi action genre and the characters use a variety of advanced equipment and weapons.

But your job isn't against enemies and kills the monsters or aliens. Your character in this game is an alien which assigned to destroy human civilization and you become city destroyer on earth. Wait a minute! Do we play as a bad guy? Well, you're not play as a bad guy but evil alien!

Despite being evil alien, the fun of this game is listening to UFO sound that looks real! You are willing spend more time to play this game.

There are many unique features that turn this game quite popular. Destroyed the city and blow up the building is fun therapy to release stress. You can change the weapon and get powerful, be ready to destroy all the cities. Don't forget to increase your skill and get higher online score. Beat others and prove yourself as the best evil alien!

Interested? You can grab it from Google Play. The price is also affordable! Get it now!

Let’s Learn About Android In-App Purchase!

Now, Android users can enjoy various features and content that available in mobile applications. Meanwhile, some digital stores also supply and sell applications from different type of platforms. Absolutely, this move give benefits for developers who want to earn money from content that has been produced and the users can enjoy it.

But not all applications are available for free. Even some applications need users to pay for it and gain full access. For this problem, users must consider several things before make a decision to buy in order not to regret in the future.

Google Play is one of digital stores which become the perfect interaction place between developers and users. By apply in-app purchases feature, customers become so much easier to buy an app. The problem which often becomes the main obstacle is how to recognize differences on each application.

But Google has anticipated this matter by apply their advanced technology so users find no trouble at all. They divided all apps into two categories: unmanaged and managed in app purchases! What does it mean?

First of all, let's learn about managed in app purchases! This is a category where users able to get full access. In short, users get premium service and every app purchasing in this category will be stored in Google Play Account, forever! Absolutely, this makes users feel comfortable, even they can move it to another device or reinstall without having to buy again.

And what about unmanaged in app purchases?

This category is inversely proportional and doesn't get full protection from Google Play. Usually in this category are extra applications which related to a game made by certain developers, such as offers a coin and many more. There is no back-up feature for this category, so after we make purchasing and if there is something happens, Google Play can't give a guarantee to us.

Honestly, the idea which offered by Google Play give benefit and convenience for the users and developers. Absolutely, this feature gives new experience and the best quality!