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Saturday, June 2, 2012

The Best Guitar Apps for Android You Should Have

Who wouldn't love to play guitar? That's one way to entertain yourself while enjoying the good atmosphere around you. Some people are even obsessed with this instrument and they want to be a reliable guitar player or just create a nice song.

Well, playing guitar is fun but we can't do it every hour and every time. Sometimes we have to do a lot of activities that reduce our free time to play a guitar. But that seems not a big problem if you have smartphone with Android technology.

Google Play Store has many applications that spoil the guitar addict. Here we will tell you some of the best guitar apps for android and of course free!

1. gStrings Tuner

Are you upset because the guitar doesn't give good sound? This application can help you to adjust the guitar and produce a sound that fits. Of course, it's giving a lot of advantages, especially if you don't know how to set the key configuration. It can be used to determine the guitar sound and this application can also specify a key to other instruments such as violin.

2. Chordbot Lite

There are many reasons why someone wants to play the guitar and one of them is create a song. It's hard to do when you're on traveling but thanks to Chordbot Lite, makes it all come true. You can spill the inspiration and create a nice song by using it. There are many chords can be selected so stringing beautiful tones and you can hear it directly!

3. GChord

For beginners who want to learn on how to play guitar properly, GChord is best for application for them. It can help them to put the proper fingers on the guitar and finding the chords perfectly.

4. Virtual Guitar

Yup, as the name suggests, this is virtual guitar apps that can be taken anywhere. You can play it directly by using your android smartphone, it is rather different from playing ordinary guitar but the sounds can make you addicted.

The Best Guitar Apps for Android You Should Have

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