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Monday, June 4, 2012

Let’s Talk About AMOLED Displays Technology

Before buy an Android smartphone, we always took the time to read the product specifications. We often see and hear about AMOLED displays. Almost all brands offer AMOLED technology which has difference and consumers often get confused about it.

In order not to make you confused and can take the best decisions before buy a smartphone, you must learned about the technology. Let's talk about AMOLED Displays Technology.

AMOLED (Active-Matrix Organic Light-Emitting Diode) is a popular display technology and often become the main weapon for few brands which offer Android product, whether smartphone or tablet.

This technology is often associated with products made by Samsung Android. Even, this brand becomes the pioneer who introducing it for the first time until imitated by other competitors. Some other brands are also trying to apply the same technology but when comes to display screen and compare the quality, Samsung is still standing at the forefront.

A question may bother you, "why should choose AMOLED display? Why all the brands have to apply it? "

AMOLED offers more real and vivid for each format, either pictures or video. The users can also enjoy an amazing screen technology when playing games. There are many advantages can be perceived. This technology has a fast response, low power and good performance even though exposed to sunlight directly.

This technology has developed and offers the other advantages which able to satisfy user expectations. Let's discuss about the advantages of each AMOLED:

a. Super AMOLED is used in some Samsung products such as Galaxy S series, Omnia W and Nexus S. The display gives very good response even exposure to sunlight and the users can still see it clearly.

b. Super AMOLED Plus can be found on Galaxy S II and offer better benefits than previous version. The technology displays images that are bright and energy-efficient.

c. Advanced Super AMOLED is a technology developed by Motorola. Besides showing a brighter screen, users can enjoy a higher resolution display. One of Motorola products using this technology is Motorola RAZR Droid.

d. HD Super AMOLED is a new version offers highest resolution. Samsung products which using it are: Galaxy Note, Galaxy S3 and Galaxy Tab.

Let’s Talk About AMOLED Displays Technology

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