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Saturday, June 2, 2012

4 Best Android Apps for Your Dogs

Android apps aren't just made for human. Do you believe it? For pet lovers, especially dogs, there are many android apps can help you to keep up your dog stay healthy. Wow!

Yup, these applications certainly help you to keep track their activities, health and enhance your relationship. Hmm, we bet you already curious, right? Let's discuss about the best android apps for dogs:

1. While walking in the park, you see someone walking with a cute dog. Your view definitely drawn to the dog, you might be interested to have one, too. Dog breeds offer a feature where you can find various dogs species.

You can use it to find out various dogs species which suitable for stay at your home, walk to the park and spend time together. Install this app on your android device before deciding to keep a dog.

2. There is an application must be possessed by dog owners. Petometer must exist on your android device. For those who like to spend time in the morning and afternoon run around the park, this application enables you to track your dog's health.

You can keep track on how long and how far you walk. Of course, this is also accompanied by a note to find out the changes you feel. Besides track distance and time, it also provides a list of recommendation exercises that suitable for your dog. Indirectly, you are healthy, so does your dog.

3. Do you want to train your dog? Well, you need a dog whistler. You don't need to buy it, use your android device. You can download dog whistler app for free!

4. After download the dog whistler app, you also must have 52 Dog Tricks app. You can learn 52 tricks that equipped with step by step guide so you can make orders to your dog with what has been taught. Teach them each order one by one, each exercise has been scheduled well, make them obedient and never forget about you.

4 Best Android Apps for Your Dogs

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