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Thursday, August 4, 2011

First iOS 5 Apps Approved in the App Store

Apple has started approving application updates that deliver compatibility with iOS 5, spurring speculation that the next major release of the software is just around the corner.

At least two developers have recently issued updates to their existing iPhone applications adding support for the next major version of Apple’s mobile operating system.

While the release notes for Camera+ only suggest this is the case - “compatibility with that upcoming OS That Must Not Be Named” - the developers of Mashable downright state “iOS 5 compatibility.”

Based on these findings, the folks at Cultofmac speculate that iOS 5 could be released shortly.

While that is entirely possible, third party developers like tap tap tap (behind Camera+) and Mashable (responsible for the app with the same name) don’t really have access to Apple’s roadmap.

The Mac maker will almost surely launch iOS 5 during a special event that will not only see the general release of the new iPhone software, but will also feature a public launch for iCloud, the successor of MobileMe.

Apple is also widely believed to have a new iPhone lined up (the iPhone 5). The new hardware will most likely be part of the iOS 5 launch.

That’s not to say iOS 5 compatibility updates don’t count as good signs that Apple’s new release is close.

They could have just as well denied these developers the opportunity to draw attention to their apps by marketing them as iOS 5 compatible. But they didn’t.

Moreover, history has shown that whenever existing applications gain new-iOS support, that new version of the iOS is not far away.

We wouldn’t want to over-speculate, but the fact remains that iOS 5 is launching this fall, and fall isn’t too far off.

Have you spotted any other apps that are compatible with the new operating system? Leave a comment, or contact the author using the email address provided just below.

First iOS 5 Apps Approved in the App Store

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