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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Google Hot Rumor : Is Android "Game Center" Prepared ?

We all know that Apple’s iPhones is now being world’s top popular smartphones, even we also realize that Apple has so many lack of features, which they do not provide something we can now find on Android market. Android has done too much, Apple not even closer. I guess, this condition stimulate any kind of business plan, including by Google as online giant company.

One feature that is missing and I am sure you will agree with me which is several connection between the mobile phone and native apps, this kind of connection has been helping Apple to make their business stronger and even better than more active and aggressive system, perhaps as Google has right know. I guess it just for short time, you should realize it as well, and Google seems to acknowledge this clue as well. From trusted source, which said that Google is going to prepare the clone of iPhone’s Game Center, a great application which consolidates certain users with the leaderboards and also the gaming apps?

Business Insider has proved so many trusted “exclusive unconfirmed reports”, that’s why we write this report, even though has not been confirmed by the any official website about this report.

Quoted from Business Insider which said that Google has been preparing some tools to allow and let users to give any awards and trophies in doing games, including top rank, top rank players and teams, leaderboards, and another great feature.

Still from Business Insider source, Google is also developing the same or something like Apple’s has, or I am sure they will do better for example the payment method and process, it must be smoother than Apple has. The collaboration of both; Google and Apple can be great news, “if” Google is really preparing Android Game Center for their users.

Google Hot Rumor : Is Android "Game Center" Prepared ?

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