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Monday, May 7, 2012

AMD Trinity Release Date Getting Closer

AMD Trinity Release Date Getting Closer

The latest issue from media broke the news , the AMD Trinity APU footsteps getting closer . News that the product release date will be set in the middle of this month . The Trinity APU is still using the 32nm process . Its built-in image core ,wow gold, compared to the Radeon HD 7000 series ,wow gold, and with a pile-driver architecture , dual- module quad-core . Product support AVS, AES instruction set.

The main issue near the AMD’s Piledriver release approaching that what the hell is AMD going to push the new APU’s used in the new AMD Trinity A10 chip over the 4GHZ mark you ask? . The Answer isf rumors are correct the the AMD piledriver chips will use resonant clock mesh technology developed by Cyclos Semiconductor. This came from an announcement at the International Solid State Circuits Conferences in San Francisco.

In numerous interviews to the medial it’s come to light that this will help to enable a “4+ GHz” factory clock speed, which sounds pretty up there but only if we are talking about an integrated chip with low-power credentials.

“Cyclos resonant clock mesh technology employs on-chip inductors to create an electric pendulum, or ‘tank circuit’, formed by the large capacitance of the clock mesh in parallel with the Cyclos inductors,” Cyclos explains. “The Cyclos inductors and clock control circuits ‘recycle’ the clock power instead of dissipating it on every clock cycle like in a clock tree implementation, which results in a reduction in total IC power consumption of up to ten percent.

So, AMD will launch a thermal design power of only 17W Quad-Core Trinity the APU . The performance of its CPU core is expected to rival Ivy Bridge dual-core thread . The GPU core natural is no longer if.

AMD Trinity Release Date Getting Closer

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  1. why the f u c k does it say "wow gold" twice in the first paragraph?