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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Ubuntu Cloud Summit: 8 May 2012

Ubuntu Cloud Summit: 8 May 2012 - Register Now!
Canonical announced its Ubuntu Cloud Summit event, which will take place next week on May 8th, 2012, in Oakland, California, USA.

Image Credits: Ubuntu

Hosted by Redmonk and Canonical, Ubuntu Cloud Summit is a one day event for both business people and technologists interested in how open source cloud computing can improve their institutions.

"The event runs in conjunction with the Ubuntu Developer Summit (UDS) so your registration for the Cloud Summit lets you attend both events."

The topics that will be discussed during the Ubuntu Cloud Summit:

Lessons from Cloud deployments
Open Cloud deployments are real and growing. We’ll discuss and illustrate through case studies the best approaches to deploying and maximising an open cloud.

The Open Cloud
The role of open source in Cloud Computing. Particularly how an open cloud enables a more flexible and vendor neutral approach.

Open Source cloud technologies
With Ubuntu including a set of technologies such as OpenStack, MAAS and Juju we’ll examine how these come together to form an Open Cloud.

Ubuntu Cloud Summit: 8 May 2012
Image Credits: Ubuntu

The ticket fee is $100 (75 EURO), which includes lunch and refreshments. For various reasons, the registrations are restricted, so those who really want to attend to the Ubuntu Cloud Summit event should register now, here.

For more information about the Ubuntu Cloud Summit event and its detailed agenda, check out the official webpage.

Ubuntu Cloud Summit: 8 May 2012

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