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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Download Ubuntu One for Nokia N9

Ubuntu One Available on Nokia N9 - Download Now!

Everyone the uses an Ubuntu operating system, especially the newcomers, is also familiar with Ubuntu One, the personal cloud service provided by Canonical. Now, with the help of Stuart Langridge, developer at Canonical, users of Nokia N9 can also enjoy the Ubuntu One cloud storage service.

Download Ubuntu One for Nokia N9

Apparently, Stuart Langridge has seen that Ubuntu One is available on a multitude of platforms, but not for his Nokia N9, so he decided to port it.

So far, only “Ubuntu One Files” is available for download, allowing users to browse and download anything from the personal cloud to the Nokia N9 phone.

The developer also provides the source code and he intends that someday it will be available through the Nokia Store. More features will be available soon, such as uploading of files, caching, automatic upload of photographs, and so on.

You can download Ubuntu One Files app for Nokia N9 from his blog, but keep in mind that the port is unofficial so you will have to ask the developer for more information.

Ubuntu One, the personal cloud service from Canonical, lets you store files and music and photos and whatever and have them available on all your devices; laptops, smartphones, desktops, the web, everywhere. We already have smartphone applications for Android and iOS, but not for the N9, which is the phone I've got. So, I'm working on bringing Ubuntu One to the N9.

Download Ubuntu One for Nokia N9

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