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Monday, May 7, 2012

Samsung GALAXY S3 Gets Launched in India

Samsung GALAXY S3 Gets Launched in India in Early June for 705 USD (535 EUR)
It looks like Europeans won’t be the only ones to get the Galaxy S III next month. Samsung announced the availability of the smartphone in the UK starting May 30 and confirmed a US version would be launched later this summer.

However, the folks over at NDTV had been told by Samsung that India would be among the first countries to get its Galaxy S3 device soon after the European launch.

The third-generation Galaxy smartphone is said to make its way onto shelves in India in the first week of June. According to the latest hearsay, Samsung Galaxy S III will go to India for a suggested retail price of Rs 38,000 (705 USD or 535 EUR).

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Image credits: Samsung
Still, there’s a high chance that the Galaxy S3 might be released in India for around Rs 34,000 (635 USD or 485 EUR), which is about Rs 2,000 (35 USD or 30 EUR) lower than HTC One X.

There might be some price changes until the Galaxy S III goes live at multiple leading retailers across the country.

Given the fact that we don’t have an official statement from Samsung that should confirm the upcoming availability of the Galaxy S III in India, it’s hard to say for certain exactly when it becomes available.

Furthermore, we suspect that only the 16GB model will be available for purchase in the first week of June, but the 32GB variant might be introduced in India as well sometime later this year.

On a side note, Samsung also confirmed that a 64GB Galaxy S3 model would be launched on the market, though no time frame has been provided to this premium device.

Android enthusiasts living in India should stay tuned for the latest info on the Samsung Galaxy S3 launch in the country.

Samsung GALAXY S3 Gets Launched in India

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