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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Most downloaded free apps for Samsung Galaxy 3

We would cover Game for Android on the upcoming post, followed by Top 4 app updates. Today, we will look back and see which ones were the most crowd-pleasing among our audience. Read on for the most downloaded and popular Samsung Galaxy 3 apps from your peers.

1) Instagram Apps (Free Edition)

the first things that you will test out on Samsung Galaxy S3 gadget is that camera 8MP with the ability to take stills while you are shooting 1080p video and super speedy response times, 3.3fps burst mode. So, where people are smiling and in focus, you have let the S3's Best Photo feature pick out the shots , tidy them up a bit further with filters and photo tools in Instagram.

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Spotify Apps (Free Edition)

The Spotify for Android just were built with a amazing change with ICS support, a significantly improved redesign and-res button snaps of the favorite genre-hopping starlets (or however Jessie J's explaining herself currently). Having a Spotify Premium account, you'll have the ability to cache tunes for your Universe S3 for offline listening and there is even an 'extreme' seem quality setting for 320kbps listening. Try Rdio rather now.

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Samsung Remote Apps (Free Edition)

We are very interested by Sammy's Allshare Cast TV exhibiting feature, which looks set to consider lower Apple's AirPlay and shape in the Samsung ecosystem pretty nicely. But not it is good to begin with the fundamentals - so if you have a lounge filled with Samsung package, download this free remote application and you will make use of your Universe S3 to manage your Wise TV and Blu-ray player.

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But this last section, you need some cash to get or download it. :)

Scalado Album $0.99

Tired of the conventional Default Android Gallery? Just Sort your photos by month, place or geotagging and scan the animated video pictures with Scalado Album. It's superior to the S3's fundamental photo gallery - and excellent for revealing that stunning 4.8in HD Super AMOLED display for your mates.

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Most downloaded free apps for Samsung Galaxy 3

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