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Thursday, July 28, 2011

How to Uninstall OS X 10.7 Lion Server

Customers who wish to have OS X Lion server uninstalled from their computers can do so following a few easy steps outlined by Apple in a Support document issued this week.

Unlike previous versions of Mac OS X, the Server side of OS X 10.7 Lion comes as an application that behaves much like an add-on for the Client OS. Lion Server is a $39.99 download from the Mac App Store in the Productivity section.

Designed both for Mac computers and iOS devices, Lion Server makes it easy to share files, schedule meetings, synchronize contacts, host your own website, remotely access your network, publish wikis, distribute podcasts, and everything else you can do with a server.

By making Mac OS X Server a set of applications users can purchase right from the Mac App Store, Apple aims to enable anyone to quickly and easily turn a Mac running Lion into a home, office, or school server.

The Cupertino, California-based technology giant behind Mac OS X specifically notes that “Lion Server is an app and collection of services that can be added to OS X Lion.”

For those who have installed Lion Server and decide that they no longer want to use it (for whatever reason), Apple has laid out the instructions to properly disable this portion of Mac OS X.

The steps are reproduced below, in their entirety. The original Apple Support document is located here.

1. Open Server app.

2. If you see a Welcome screen and a button named Configure, you have not yet set up Lion Server; quit Server app and skip to step 8.
Otherwise, if you don't see a Welcome screen and a Configure button, continue to step 3.
3. Check the Services list on the left side of the Server app window. Select each one that is on (as indicated by a green dot) and flip the switch in the upper right from On to Off.

4. Click on the icon for your computer in the Hardware list, on the left beneath the Services list.

5. Click the Settings tab.

6. If the box next to "Dedicate system resources to server services" is checked, uncheck it. This will display a message telling you that you must restart your computer for the change to take effect. Click "Restart Later".

7. Quit Server app.

8. Remove Server app from your Dock. You may delete it from your Applications folder, but it is not necessary. You may also remove the Server folder containing the advanced Server Admin Tools if you installed them separately.

9. Restart your computer, if you were instructed to in step 6.

How to Uninstall OS X 10.7 Lion Server

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