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Saturday, July 23, 2011

OS X Lion Gets Extra Layer of Security from Intego

Mac security expert Intego has confirmed that all of its software offerings are now fully compatible with OS X 10.7 Lion. In light of the new release, the Austin, Texas based software vendor is offering all existing and new customers a 10% discount on any product.

Intego has reached us via email to inform that the following versions of its software applications are fully compatible with Mac OS X Lion (single versions or part of Dual Protection or Internet Security Barrier bundles):

Intego X6 software:
- ContentBarrier, 10.6.4
- FileGuard, 10.6.2
- Personal Antispam, 10.6.7
- Personal Backup, 10.6.2
- VirusBarrier X6, 10.6.13

Intego X5 software:
- ContentBarrier X5, 10.5.7
- FileGuard X5, 10.5.4
- NetBarrier X5, 10.5.7
- Personal Antispam X5, 10.5.11
- Personal Backup X5, 10.5.9
- VirusBarrier X5, 10.5.13

Other software:
- Washing Machine, 2.4
- Remote Management Console, 2.0.3
- VirusBarrier Server, 3.2.

Existing users of one or multiple Intego programs will not be required to manually download standalone updates, but rather use Intego NetUpdate, an auto-update tool provided with all Intego programs.

Users simply run NetUpdate and download and install the latest versions of their Intego software, at which point they'll be ready to use them in OS X Lion, the company said.

“We recommend that users update their Intego software before installing or upgrading to Lion to ensure full compatibility,” says intego.

As noted above, the security firm is offering a 10% discount on any product, as long as it’s purchased from the Intego online store.

Whether you choose a standard pack, a family pack, Dual Protection software, or a full upgrade, the discount applies.

Customers will, however, need to punch in a code as they check out of the Intego online store before August 20, 2011. The code is: X6LION-107.

"We're very happy to see Lion released, and Mac users will be too," said Jeff Erwin, president & CEO of Intego.

"We have updated our software to make sure that our users will be able to continue to protect their Macs and remain safe from the dangers of the Internet. As always, our software is compatible with the latest version of Mac OS X on the day of its release," added Erwin.

OS X Lion Gets Extra Layer of Security from Intego

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