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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Download Firefox 6 Beta Refresh

The first Beta development milestone of Firefox 6 was released over a week ago, and testers that jumped at the chance to take the release out for a spin can now download an update. 
Mozilla launched a refresh to Firefox 6 Beta, which I suppose you could refer to as Firefox 6 Beta 2 if you really wanted to. However, users must understand that when it overhauled its development process and release cycle, the open source browser vendor underlined that it would serve a single Beta for each new version of Firefox, and refresh the Build as necessary.

The availability of the Firefox 6 Beta refresh was announced earlier this week, and early adopters could even test candidate Builds of the new download.

“The three million Beta [6] channel testers are about to get their second update of the Firefox 6 cycle. The update will deliver a couple of important crash fixes that should help us to start getting better data on the next level down of instability. We’re just a little bit more than a month away from the release of Firefox 6,” Mozilla stated.

“We took the latest code in releases/mozilla-beta and created refreshed updates for our Beta audience to test. Both mobile and desktop versions were refreshed and offered to existing Mozilla Beta users as automatic updates,” the company had revealed when the first FF6 Beta refresh hit.

Firefox 6 is the next major iteration of Mozilla’s open source browser and the successor of Firefox 5, which hit general availability in the second half of June.

In parallel with Firefox 6, early adopters can test Firefox 7, which is also being developed by Mozilla. Firefox 7 graduated to the Aurora Channel this month, just as Firefox 6 moved to Beta.

Testers can also get a taste of Firefox 8, which is available through the Nightly Channel in both 32-bit (x86) and 64-bit (x64) flavors for Windows.

 Download Firefox 6 Beta, Firefox 7 Aurora and Firefox 5 for Windows  here.

Firefox 6 Beta, Firefox 7 Aurora and Firefox 5 for Linux here.

Firefox 6 Beta, Firefox 7 Aurora and Firefox 5 for Mac here.

Download Firefox 6 Beta Refresh

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