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Monday, July 25, 2011

Facebook for iPad App Revealed

Although most Facebook users don’t have much to complain about when it comes to their social networking service of choice, there are a few types that would love shouting in Mark Zuckerberg’s ear: “give us the iPad version already!”

Well, you can stop your inner cries because, apparently, Facebook technicians are pretty much done coding the tablet version of the Facebook iOS application.

Already confirmed as scheduled for release sometime this year, the iPad version of Facebook was discovered in the form of hidden, executable code in the latest iPhone version of the app.

A maintenance update issued last week mistakenly (or not) contained all the code required to blow up the app for the 9.7-inch screen, complete with additional features.

Unearthed by TechCrunch (as well as by a Canadian engineering student going by the name of Marvin Bernal), the iPad Facebook app is described as being nothing short of spectacular, meaning everything the small iOS version lacked is there on the big screen.

If words aren’t enough for you, there’s also a gallery filled with screenshots of the app in action.

According to those who’ve tested it, the software feels final. It is unknown when Facebook was planning to launch their iPad application officially, but it is believed that the timetable will change, now that the cat is out of the bag.

And while Facebook has no obligation to announce when their app has been submitted to Apple for approval, we believe that should be the first step towards assuring customers that the wait is over (much like Opera and Google did).

Now, for those of you owning an iPhone and an iPad, TechCrunch notes that extracting the iPad version is possible, but not without some tinkering.

Something tells us that tinkering may involve a jailbreaking of the tablet device - a practice that we don't encourage.

There is a good chance Facebook has already sent their iPad binary to Apple, which means Cupertino could be reviewing the bits as you are reading these lines.

Facebook for iPad App Revealed

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