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Saturday, July 23, 2011

iPod touch 5G White Digitizer Leaked (Unconfirmed)

A purported next-generation iPod touch component has surfaced in photos that should lend more credibility to analyst Ming-Chi Kuo who recently checked with Apple’s partners and allegedly learned that Cupertino was launching a White iPod touch.

There is little doubt that Apple will, at some point, refresh the iPod touch line.

Even though iPods generally don’t sell all that well anymore, iTouch sales continue to climb

Admittely not generating a steap curve in the company’s quarterly earning charts, the iPod touch is still a popular device, not only for consuming music and videos, but also for gaming, and browsing the web.

As such, those iOS SDK findings we reported back in June - that seemed to indicate the existence of a new iPod touch - may hold some water after all.

According to an AppleInsider report that hit the wires earlier today, Concord Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo checked with “industry” sources and (somehow) concluded that Apple was, indeed launching a new iPod touch

The device, however, will not feature any considerable hardware alterations, Kuo said, but merely aesthetic enhancements.

Kuo said Apple’s new iPod touch will be White, much like the White iPhone 4 -  the same smartphone Apple launched in June last year, only with a different paint job done.

It is being speculated that a White iPod touch would help boost sales of the existent A4-powered media player.

More recently, a component identified by the iFixYouri iPhone repair shop as a digitizer component of the next-gen iPod touch has emerged in pictures.

Whether or not it’s fake will be decided later on, but it’s worth pointing out to, in light of these recent reports.

Moreover, Apple has both the iPhone and the iPad in ebony and ivory. Why not the iPod touch as well?

iPod touch 5G White Digitizer Leaked (Unconfirmed)

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