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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Free Download Citibank for iPad Application

Citibank is continuing its efforts to become the world’s first digital bank with the release of an iPad application specifically designed for the masses.

Providing U.S. consumer banking clients with an engaging, visually rich tool to track, analyze and plan their finances, Citibank for iPad is the first app from a major U.S. bank to offer graphs and visual representations of consumer accounts and transactions, departing from traditional ledger-style banking.

Thanks to its intuitive user interface, clients can easily check balances, control their cash flow, pay bills, transfer funds, access rewards and find nearbyATMs and branches.

Commenting on their release, Tracey Weber, head of Internet and Mobile Banking, North America Consumer Banking, Citi, said “Our iPad app is all about listening to our clients and understanding that they need their digital banking experience to be more engaging and dynamic – beyond the standard static tables you find with other iPad apps.”

“We’re offering a whole new way of banking, with enhanced visuals and interactive tools. We’re focused on continually offering modern solutions that help put ease into our clients’ financial lives, wherever and whenever,” added Weber.

The app not only provides all the necessary services with a few taps, it also offers access to resources and information that help users manage their financial lives.

This includes direct access to an exclusive Citibank service - Citi Personal Wealth Management and Women & Co., with continually updated content.

Advanced features allow users to view information and take actions like:

- Plan cash outflows with the help of a unique interactive chart of past and future payments and transfers;
- Analyze personal spending habits through automatically generated, customizable charts of payee spending;
- Compare personal spending habits with general consumer data, filtering by location, age group, income bracket and purchase category.

Citibank for iPad is an exclusive tablet app (which means it’s not available on iPhone and iPod touch) and requires iOS 3.2 or later.

Download Citibank for iPad (Free)

Free Download Citibank for iPad Application

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