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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Wow! $30,000 White iPhone 4 Launched by Gresso

The Swiss handset manufacturer Gresso, specialized in luxury mobile phones, has just announced the availability of its luxurious white iPhone 4 clone dubbed iPhone4 Lady Blanche.

The handset is available for purchase online and at authorized Gresso retailers and can be ordered for no less than $30,000.

iPhone4 Lady Blanche is part of the iPhone4 Time Machine collection, which was released by Gresso in early June 2011. The collection includes two models, Diamonds with white diamonds and Crystals with Swarovski crystals.

Aimed at women, the luxurious mobile phone features three independent Swiss clockworks with a 10-year movement reserve on the rear panel. The clocks indicate time in New-York, Paris and Moscow.

In addition, three decorative pearl dials are decorated with white diamonds of 0.01 carats each or with Swarovski crystals, depending on the model.

According to Gresso, iPhone4 Lady Blanche was manufactured by hand and the company applied a floating diamonds technique specific to jewel crafting.

It appears that the secret of this special technique is that the number of diamonds and Swarovski crystals in iPhone4 Lady Blanche should always be odd.

Furthermore, Gresso created a special body for this particular model, which allows the diamonds and Swarovski crystals to freely move inside the decorative dials.

The back panel of the handset is framed in solid diamond-coated mineral glass, while the clockworks' accuracy have been tested several hundreds hours.

Although the release date for the Gresso iPhone4 Lady Blanche is unclear, the company stated the phone would be available on the market some time in 2011.

However, the luxurious mobile phone will be issued in limited numbers and will be available only after pre-order via Gresso's webstore.

The cheaper version of the white iPhone 4 with diamonds, the iPhone4 Lady Blanche Crystals will be issued in only 150 units and will be priced at $7,000.

Wow! $30,000 White iPhone 4 Launched by Gresso

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