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Monday, July 25, 2011

Apple Equips Cupertino Commuters with iBikes

Apple employees working at the Mac maker’s Cupertino, California HQ are being offered aluminum bicycles to commute across the huge Cupertino campus. admits the transportation devices are not actually called iBikes (which, in fact, would be a tad too much even for Apple), but the bikes offered by the Mac maker are all aluminum, minimalistic (they have only three gears), and a lot of white, which makes them look like genuine Apple products.

They’re equipped with bags for a MacBook, an iPad, and other hardware and personal belongings.

By offering its staffers bicycles, Apple is continuing its efforts to be as green of a company as possible.

Bicycles not only promote a healthy way of living, but may also become indispensable as Apple is spreading employees between the 1 Infinite Loop HQ, a number of newly-leased buildings, and the upcoming UFO establishment set to open its doors in a few years from now.

On June 7, 2011, CEO Steve Jobs announced at a city council meeting that his company was planning to move forward with the building of a new campus in Cupertino where between 12,000 and 13,000 employees would be housed.

Jobs told Cupertino high-ups last month that his new ring-shaped building would be mostly self sustained, and that the whole campus would use as much clean energy as possible, as well as have entire orchards of trees.

According to a report by Cupertino officials, Apple owns a total of 180 acres in Cupertino in the area of the proposed new campus.

“A hallmark of Apple's technology has been innovation and the high value that the company places on design,” said Mayor Gilbert Wong, on June 7.

“We have learned to expect that Apple will bring this same high standard to all of its projects,” added Wong.

Apple Equips Cupertino Commuters with iBikes

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