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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Samsung Galaxy X Concept Phone Packs 12MP Camera

 Samsung Galaxy X Concept Phone Packs 12MP Camera
Samsung's latest flagship smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy S II, is as appealing as it can be, but it seems that there might still be people who would consider that some features might be added into the mix.

Thus, a Samsung Galaxy X concept phone emerged, with specifications similar with those of the already available smartphone but with some new features included next to them.

The concept phone, designed by Long-Nong Huang, maintains the looks of Samsung Galaxy S II, so there is not too that one would see there.

On the inside, it would sport similar specs with the official device, including the powerful 1.2GHz dual-core application processor, complemented by 768MB of RAM.

The front of this mobile phone would be dominated by a large 4-inch touchscreen display, a little smaller than on Galaxy S II.

However, the back would be a little different, as the current 8-megapixel photo snapper on the Galaxy S II handset would be replaced by a 12MP camera on the new one, something that would make the device even more appealing than before.

The Galaxy S II already comes to the market with the ability to shoot videos in full HD, and the new Samsung Galaxy X concept phone would pack the same feature as well.

At only 8.9mm in thickness, the mobile phone would certainly be able to impress users around the world.

It would easily prove a great addition to Samsung's series of Galaxy devices, which already includes both high-end and mid to lower end smartphones.

The same as the rest of the family, the new Galaxy member would be based on Google's Android operating system, and the latest flavor of the OS would be loaded on it, that's for sure.

Have a look at the image available with the Samsung Galaxy X, courtesy of conceptphones, to make a better idea of what could arrive on shelves in the not too far future.

Samsung Galaxy X Concept Phone Packs 12MP Camera

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