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Monday, May 30, 2011

New Nokia Concept Device Sports Futuristic 3D UI Elements

3D-capable smartphones are new to the market, but they are already there, and more and more mobile phone makers are expected to bring to shelves their own capable of delivering 3D content, with Nokia being one of them.

The company hasn't yet confirmed any plans on this direction, but that doesn't meant that it might not be considering it, since others already did, nor does it imply that enthusiast are not allowed to dream of it.

Tommy Incrosnatu, a designer who already brought to the light an appealing Nokia concept device, has a new phone available for your viewing pleasure, with 3D looks and all.

The same as with the previously spotted creation, the new device comes with beauty elements of Finnish nature, as well as with a certain simplicity that it meant to make it increasingly appealing.

Of course, today's mobile phones do come with appealing looks, but there is always room for more, and the new concept device, which can be admired in the photos attached to this article, courtesy of (via Concept Phones), can easily prove so.

The concept's designer explains on his website that the main idea behind this project was to combine simplicity with 3D elements, and bring photography into the mix:

I teamed up with 3D artists Oula and Miika to create something amazing. I've had this idea for years to create a concept phone and give it my take on a modern smartphone user interface.

I wanted to use desirable and simplified graphics, spiced up with photography. I also added some concept level ideas to the core applications, pushing for a well thought out GUI and some playful tricks.

The goal was to have fun and prove something to ourselves, but maybe we've ended up being too ambitious, doing things like 3D racing game graphics.

The final presentation style aims for the beauty of Finnish nature and the end format will be 60 second full-on TV-advert.

In the end, the phone evolved into what can be seen below. Provided that Nokia or another handset vendor would consider bringing to shelves such a phone, users would certainly appreciate it a lot.

New Nokia Concept Device Sports Futuristic 3D UI Elements

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