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Sunday, May 8, 2011

New Apple imac 2011 Review (21.5-Inch, 2011 Version)

A best all-in-one desktop born with more feature and surprise! Boosting its performance without raising its price
The Apple iMac, year after year, continues to trounce the all-in-one desktop competition. This time around, we see a dramatic jump in CPU and graphics power, as well the addition of the new Thunderbolt port. It may looks almost the same on the outside, but inside, the iMac is a whole new AIO. You'll also get some other interesting features, including the new FaceTime camera, an ambient light sensor, and the option to choose between a Magic Mouse or a Magic Trackpad.

Here are some highlights from our review:

"With the new update of the iMac, each member of the line of all-in-ones gets a strong boost in processor and graphics."

"While the interior of the iMac has gotten a compete overhaul, the exterior is almost exactly the same as the previous version."

"The minimalist design helps draw your eyes to the gorgeous 21.5-inch LCD, which is glossy and LED-backlit."

"The iMac ships with either the Magic Mouse or the Magic Trackpad. (You previously had to pay an extra $69 to get the Magic Trackpad separately. Now it can be bundled with your iMac instead of the Magic Mouse without an additional charge.)"

"Apple's new 720p FaceTime HD camera lives in the middle of the top of the screen bezel, along with a camera-indicator light, which lights up to warn you when the camera is on."

"These iMacs are the first desktops to feature the Thunderbolt port (which replaces the mini-DisplayPort connector from previous iMacs), based on Intel's Light Peak technology, which supports both high-performance peripherals and high-resolution displays."

"While (the iMac's) performance isn’t up to the same level you’ll find in a Mac Pro or other high-end desktop, there’s plenty of CPU muscle here for multitasking and even demanding tasks like high-end image and HD video editing."

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New Apple imac 2011 Review (21.5-Inch, 2011 Version)

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