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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Backtrack 5 Download

 BackTrack 5 comes in several flavours and architectures. The following page will help you choose the right version for you. Although registration is not required, we would certainly appreciate it - and it would also give us the opportunity to update you when there are important BackTrack updates or news.

  BackTrack is favorite distro hacking for everyone. If you like to experiment, it can be the best distro linux for You. :)

The development team of BackTrack has revealed that the BackTrack 5 - a new distribution of the Linux based security offering, is now being made available.

The developers stated that the new release "has been built from scratch, and boasts several major improvements over all our previous releases".

“The BackTrack Dev team has worked furiously in the past months on BackTrack 5, code name ‘revolution’. Today, we are proud to release our work to the public, and then rest for a couple of weeks,” read a statement on the official BackTrack-Linux blog.

BackTrack is a Linux based platform that offers over three hundred penetration tools, designed especially for users and administrators to carry out security tests of a wide range of items including RFID systems, to web applications.

The tools in offering also include the likes of vulnerability scanners, password crackers, LAN and WLAN sniffers as well as the Metasploit exploit framework amongst many.

The new BackTrack 5, also known as “Revolution” is inspired from the LTS release of the Ubuntu, and it applies the 2.6.38 Linux kernel.

SURPRISE BackTrack 5

BackTrack 5
Backtrack 5 Download

Backtrack 5 Download

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