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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Top 10 Best Applications for Ubuntu 11.04

 Top 10 Best  Applications for Ubuntu 11.04
Ubuntu 11.04 is released and many of you have installed in your system and using it.And you may searching for what are things to install to enhance your Ubuntu 11.04 capability and make it powerful.So i have come with the idea to tell you what are the things require to install in Ubuntu.These are the basic applications which you require in daily life and can’t be able to use your Ubuntu properly.

After installing your Ubuntu 11.04 you need to Update it by using Update Manager or by using following command in terminal

sudo apt-get update
Now install the Top 10 Application

1.VLC media Player

VLC is an open source media player which is used to play various types of multimedia files like MP3,MPEG,FLV,AVI, DIVX,WMV,MPEG2,MPEG4,MOV,DVD,VCD AND multimedia streaming from various network sources.Install VLC from Ubuntu Software Center by searching vlc in search box.You can also install it from Terminal by the command
sudo apt-get install vlc

2.Picasa for Ubuntu

Picasa is a free application provided by Google as freeware for viewing,editing,organizing and printing your beautiful pictures.It manages your digital photo at one place.You can edit and share your image on the web.Install Picasa using the following step.

#)Download Picasa from its website(download .deb package 32/64 bit).And open it from Ubuntu Software center.Click on install to start the installation process.

3.Adobe Reader

Adobe Reader is an application software used to view pdf files.Ubuntu has by default Document Viewer but it is not very effective and do much things. But you can use Adobe Reader to view,create,manipulate,print and manage pdf files.Adobe Reader comes with nice user interface.It is developed by Adobe System and they provide it for free.You can install it using Ubuntu Software Center by searching for Adobe Reader and install it.

4.GIMP Image Editor

GIMP(GNU image manipulation Program) is an open source software for image editor and creator.It is the most popular open source image editing tool.It is just like Adobe Photoshop.You can enhance its features by adding Brushes,Plugins.GIMP save for web plugin is very useful for developers.

#)Install it by using going to Ubuntu Software Center and search for GIMP in the search box and click on install to start the installation process.You can install it using following command in Terminal.
sudo apt-get install gimp


Skype is an application software which allows user to make voice calls and video chat over the internet.It is the most popular client to make calls from your computer to any other phone all over the world.Calls to the user with in skype is free of cost but calls for both Landline and Mobile phone, you have to pay.It is available for most of the Operating System.It also provides you instant messaging, file transfer and video conferencing.

Also using skype having skypeln subscription you will get a number which will you can use to receive calls.It provides you international calls with cheaper rate.Ubuntu 11.04 comes with new version of Skype.Install Skype in Ubuntu 11.04 using following instructions.

#1)Open Ubuntu Software Center and search for skype in the quick search box and click on install.It will start the installation process.

#2)If you want to install latest version of Skype then Download(.deb package) it from its Official website.And open it with Ubuntu Software Center.Now click on install to start the installation process.

6.Mozilla Thunderbird

Mozilla Thunderbird is an open source and free software.It is a cross plat-form e-mail and news client developed by the Mozilla Foundation.It supports different mail accounts like POP, IMAP, Gmail.It has ability to Spam filter, and offers easy organization of mails.Using Thunderbird Lightning plugin you can organize and manage your Schedule.Install Thunderbird by Opening Ubuntu Software Center and searching for Thunderbird and click in install.

7.k3b CD/DVD Burner

Ubuntu 11.04 comes with Brasero by default, which is a CD/DVD burning application.It is designed to be simple and have some basic features.But many times when i used to burn my CD or DVD using Brasero, after burning, it shows verification failed and the CD is invalid.But when i use to verify the same burned CD with other software it says CD is valid.So it is better to use K3b which is one of the best software for burning cd/dvd in KDE Desktop.

But you can use k3b in your Ubuntu 11.04 Unity Desktop Environment.It has nice interface and using multiple add-ons you can enhance k3b features.
#)Install K3b by Opening Ubuntu Software Center and search for k3b.Click on install to start the installation process.wait for some time to complete the process.

8.Wine windows Program Loader

Ubuntu 11.04 comes which many features which attract the people but If you were a Windows user and just shifted to Ubuntu,you must some of the application software which you were using.Also as till now windows is the most popular Operating System.So most of the vendors used to create application for windows.So to break the limitation you need the Wine which is an open source software capable of running Microsoft Windows applications.It is still under development but shows the hope.

#)Install Wine by opening the Ubuntu Software Center and search for Wine.Click on install to start the installation process.Wait for some time until installation completes.


Dropbox is an application which is used to synchronize the files from different computers.If you have different files and you want to organize all the file at one place use Dropbox. Dropbox also acts as a Web Application which keep one copy of your files on its website.You have to create an account(When you create your account it will gives you 2GB free space and if you create your account using the link you will get 250 MB space free) and download the installation file and install it which creates a Dropbox folder containing all of your file.

You can copy and paste or just Drag and Drop the file in the Dropbox folder.It simultaneously saves the file on its website.You can login into Dropbox Website and open your account from where you can download your files anytime any where.

10.Virtualbox for Ubuntu

VirtualBox is a free x86 virtualization solution allowing a wide range of x86 operating systems such as Windows, DOS, BSD or Linux to run on a Linux system.Using Virtualbox you can run windows on Ubuntu Linux or Vice versa and also one Operating System into other Operating System.

Top 10 Best Applications for Ubuntu 11.04

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  1. Thanks for all the info. As a new Ubuntu user I needed this info. Will do!