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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Zenwalk GNOME 7.0 Download

Zenwalk GNOME 7.0 Has Been Released  - Download Now

 The GNOME version of Zenwalk 7.0 has now been released. It comes with the old school GNOME 2 desktop and several package changes compared to the standard Zenwalk, along with all of the GNOME packages of course. Zenwalk GNOME 7.0 adds the recent Linux kernel and GNOME 2.32.1.

"We are proud to provide Zenwalk gnome 7.0 based on gnome 2.32.1. It is the last step before going to gnome 3.0," Zenwalk's Frederic Boulet announced.

"Zenwalk gnome is still like the standard Zenwalk edition, a clean and clear desktop. Hal support has been removed. Networkmanager was preferred instead of wicd," he explained some of the changes.

"Rhythmbox has been also introduced as default music player and cd grabber. Viewnior is used to quickly view pictures and Simple-scan replaces xsane to scan documents," he continued.

Highlights Zenwalk GNOME 7.0:

· Linux kernel - with BFS scheduler and performance tweaks;
· GNOME 2.32.1;
· NetworkManager 0.8.4;
· Gedit 2.30.4;
· Nautilus·
· Rhythmbox 0.13.3;
· Viewnior 1.1;
· Simple-scan;
· gThumb 2.12.3;
· LibreOffice 3.3.1.

Zenwalk GNOME 7.0 follows the release of the standard edition and the Live version of the Slakware-based Linux distro. GNOME replaces the standard XFCE 4.8.1, but otherwise, this version tries to maintain the Zenwalk look, feel and philosophy.

Zenwalk 7.0 makes the switch to LibreOffice, the community drive OpenOffice fork. The latest release also drops support for the aging HAL, in favor of the newer udev and GIO.

The way packages are labeled in repositories has been changed as well, each major version will now get its own repository in which packages known to work with it are placed.

Zenwalk Linux GNOME 7.0 is available for download here
Zenwalk Linux Live 7.0 is available for download here
Zenwalk Linux 7.0 is available for download here

Zenwalk GNOME 7.0 Download 

Zenwalk GNOME 7.0 Download

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