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Monday, May 30, 2011

Windows Phone Mango Comes With More Features for Users

More Windows Phone Mango Features: SmartDJ, Facebook Chat, Group Messaging
From Group  Messaging, Facebook Chat until SmartDJ.. A great features for users.
The next flavor of Windows Phone, which should arrive into the wild under the name of Mango, might include even more goodies than previously reported. 
Microsoft has just announced that Mango would come with a series of enhancements aimed specifically at business customers, and some more of them were unveiled in a more or less official manner, through the latest Windows Phone Developer Podcast.

We already had the chance to have a look at some of the features that Microsoft would plan on packing inside Mango, but it seems that others would also be there, unconfirmed until now, such as Facebook Chat, or Group Messaging.

Windows Phone Mango should bring Windows Live Messenger integration in the Messaging Hub, and Facebook chat would also be featured there, it seems.

Moreover, users would be able to create groups of contacts to send texts or emails to, courtesy of Group Messaging enhancements that the next Windows Phone iteration would sport.

But this is not all, not by far. As soon as Mango arrives, users would be able to see the Now Playing item on the lockscreen, in addition to enjoying a revamped Games/Xbox Hub, a recent article on WMPoweruser notes.

Zune enthusiasts would have one more reason to rejoice, as the platform upgrade would also bring SmartDJ support into the mix. This would enable Windows Phone users benefit from a great music discovery tool.

One other interesting feature that the latest Windows Phone Developer Podcast hints at would be the ability to turn off the Camera Shutter sound, something that other OSes won't offer.

Along with all these, there should be a series of enhancements brought to Bing in Windows Phone, such as Bing Audio, Bing Vision, or turn-by-turn navigation with voice guidance, as well as Office365 integration built into SkyDrive, and SharePoint.

There are also the aforementioned business features that Microsoft detailed only recently, as well as the new APIs that developers would have access to as soon as the new OS flavor and the tools to accompanied it are made available.

Windows Phone Mango Comes With More Features for Users

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