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Monday, May 30, 2011

Download Nimbuzz 1.3.6 for Blackberry

A brand new flavor of Nimbuzz for Blackberry is now available for download for all owners of a smartphone from Research In Motion that like using the application to stay connected with friends and family while on the go.

The development team behind the mobile application has just announced the availability of the new release, and also unveiled the new features that were packed with it.

Among those that would certainly make BlackBerry users rejoice, we can count free avatars, along with improved Facebook connectivity.

The release notes for the new Nimbuzz 1.3.6 for Blackberry shows the following:

- A fix for the Facebook connectivity issue
- Free avatars – choose new and exciting avatars for your profile picture from N-World
- Free bots – check out how your day will be with the new Astrology bot from N-World
- Improved reconnection process – so you can spend more time online

With the release of this new version of the mobile application, BlackBerry users gained access to N-World, the place where they can find free avatars to use with the software.

“In this new version you have access to N-World, a place where you can find free avatars and free bots,” the Nimbuzz development team notes in a recent post on their blog.

“To access N-World on you device, you need to press the BlackBerry key-> scroll down -> click on N-World -> choose a new avatar or add a new bot to your contact list.”

At the same time, they mention that the new application flavor comes with a series bug fixes that were possible courtesy of the great feedback they received from all users of the application.

Courtesy of these enhancements, the experience users would receive from the application should be greatly improved.

The new Nimbuzz 1.3.6 for Blackberry is currently available for download via the Nimbuzz website, but should hit the Blackberry World as well, during the next week.
Download Nimbuzz 1.3.6 for Blackberry

Download Nimbuzz 1.3.6 for Blackberry

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