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Monday, May 30, 2011

iPhone 5 Announcement at WWDC 2011 Almost Confirmed

Apple has provided yet another piece of evidence that an iPhone announcement will take place at the company’s Worldwide Developers Conference hosted June 6-9 at Moscone West, San Francisco, California.

A tweet sent out by an Australian technology journalist indicates the man has been called upon to attend WWDC 2011, following several other reports from British journalists who were also told they were expected at the conference.

Before pulling his tweet (for one reason or another), the editor’s Twitter status said: "I think something big will be announced on June 6th in San Fran by #Apple. I have just been invited to attend the event."

Based on the number of reports saying Apple is flying in reporters from all over the world, the obvious assumption is that Cupertino will announce something big, and most bets are on the next-generation iPhone hardware.

In announcing the WWDC 2011 schedule, Apple said the show would focus on the future of Mac OS and iOS.

In addition to a potential iPhone 5 / iPhone 4S announcement, Apple is widely believed to plan the introduction of iOS 5, the next major iteration of the iPhone and iPad software.

The new iOS is said to be chock full of new features that leverage the cloud, in what would be Apple’s third step in offering everyone a ‘locker’ for their digital life, following the introduction of .Mac (dot Mac) and its transition to MobileMe.

Most pundits agree MobileMe will play a major role in Apple’s iOS 5, with new search, mapping and voice services, as well as many others.

As far as hardware is concerned, at the very least analysts say Apple will introduce an incremental iPhone 4S with a relocated LED flash and enhanced camera sensor.

The screen will only increase in size if Apple is poised to make the iPhone 5 announcement, We believes. You can throw this one in with the curved glass rumors too.

iPhone 5 Announcement at WWDC 2011 Almost Confirmed

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