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Saturday, May 28, 2011

How to Get Netflix on Android Devices Without Rooting

Netflix, the popular video streaming service, was already launched on Google's Android devices, though with support for only a small number of devices, which made a lot of users unhappy.
Of course, Netflix did promise that the mobile application and the service associated with it would soon offer support for more devices but that might take a while, and there are already people wanting the Netflix on their devices now.

Various solutions for getting the service up and running on unsupported handsets already emerged, but they involved rather risky processes, requiring the rooting and tweaking of devices, but not anymore.

A series of new, modded versions of the Netflix application can now be downloaded on handsets to enjoy the service.

All without having to root the Android-based mobile phone, something that would result in voiding the warranty.

All that users would need to do would be to head over to this thread on XDA-Developers, and download the modded version of the application.

On the device, users would need to go to Settings → Applications, and check the “Unknown Sources” box, to make sure that they can sideload the app.

One thing that should be noted here is that not all Android-based devices out there are supported in the application.

On this page on the said forum thread over at XDA-Developers, users would find a list with all of the supported handsets, as well as info on some of the enhancements that the application received since the initial release.

Unfortunately, the owners of AT&T Android phones won't be able to enjoy this at the moment, since the carrier still hasn't unlocked the sideloading of apps on their devices as of yet.

As stated above, the great news here would be that users can try out Netflix on their Android devices without rooting them. Provided that application / service won't work on all Androids out there, users would have to wait for a new hack to emerge, or for Netflix to expand the support to more devices.

How to Get Netflix on Android Devices Without Rooting

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