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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

OMG! The Wii 2 will arrive in 2012 without 3D - Why?

In 2011 Nintendo 3DS born with More Feature&amazing! but its'n with The Wii 2. What happen with it?
It’s official: the heir to the Wii will arrive in 2012, be introduced at the E3 and not support 3D.

After days of rumors, it’s official: Nintendo will introduce a new home console during the E3 show. The heir to the Wii, will be introduced to show visitors who will be able to try it out in Nintendo’s booth.

According to new reports, the console that doesn’t have an official name yet, will not be launched before April 2012, despite rumors that stated Nintendo will surprise the market by releasing it this year. The new report is based on the company’s financial reports that did not include sales forecasts of the new console for this fiscal year.

This means that the console will not be released during this fiscal year that ends at the end of March 2012. It is not yet known whether the console is released by April 2012 or whether Nintendo will prefer to wait and release it closer to the holiday season, towards the end of 2012.

Another report reveals that the next Nintendo console is not expected to support 3D games. Although Nintendo expressed faith in 3D game technology, the company is not planning on including the technology in its next console.

The reason: 3D TV’s are still rare on the market and the company does not want to create a console that focuses on an option that most of its clients will not be able to enjoy.

None of these reports, that originate from highly esteemed financial magazines in Japan, clarify the biggest mystery about Nintendo’s next console: its controller.

Most of the un-based rumors claim that the Wii 2′s controller will include a 6″ touch screen and it is not yet clear how this screen is expected to be incorporated in the controller itself and whether Nintendo will continue with the motion controllers line that it started with the original Wii console.

One way or another, Nintendo will publish all the details during its press conference at the E3 show in June, when it will officially begin the totally new consoles generation.

OMG! The Wii 2 will arrive in 2012 without 3D - Why?

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