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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Download Mozilla Firefox 6 Aurora for Mac OS X

 Download Mozilla Firefox 6 Aurora for Mac OS X
Firefox 6 (Alpha) has been released through the Aurora channel for Mac OS X packing a ton of new features, including an all-new add-ons manager, new options for Panorama, advanced HTML5 support, a handful of new developer tools, and a Permission Manager window that gives users the ability to set different options for web sites.

Mozilla announced the release on its official blog saying, “We’re happy to announce the next version of Firefox Aurora is ready for download and testing.” Mac users can download the new version immediately from link below.

The software vendor emphasizes the features that give users and Web developers more control over their browsing and development environments, as well as those that improve the browser’s overall performance.

One of these key additions is the experimental Data Management Window that “provides control over the the access that specific websites have to your browsing data, including cookies, passwords and location information.”

Users can start testing this feature by typing “about:permissions” in the URL bar, Mozilla says.

A new add-ons Manager that features a Plugin Check is present in Firefox 6 with the ability to quickly verify the compatibility of installed plugins directly from the Add-Ons Manager.

To improve browser startup time and overall experience, Panorama Groups on Demand are now included. Targeting “power” users, these allow the loading of saved tab groups only when using Panorama.

Tools like Scratchpad, Web Console, Web Developer Menu, and others, cater to developers looking to quickly build and test JavaScript snippets in the browser, move the console to other parts of the window or break out into a separate window, gain access to developer tools from the Firefox Aurora Menu Button, and more.

Undoubtedly appeasing programmers that use Mac OS X to do their coding, Mozilla also confirms that additional support for HTML5, DOM level 3, server-sent events, networking technologies and other tools have made their way into Firefox 6 Aurora.

Tasked with making it easier for developers build advanced Web apps, all these are documented at Firefox for Developers in the Mozilla Developer Center.

All versions of Mozilla Firefox for Mac, including Firefox 5 Beta, and 4.0.1 Stable can be obtained via the link below.

Download Mozilla Firefox for Mac OS X (Free)

Download Mozilla Firefox 6 Aurora for Mac OS X

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