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Friday, December 19, 2008

Poladroid Updated – Free Download

Cool freeware app that turns any picture into a Polaroid-style photograph

Developed by Dominik Fusina, Poladroid makes even the worst pictures you've got look like the work of a professional. A new version of the still-free application is available to be downloaded and installed on your Mac right now.

Using Poladroid couldn't be easier and more fun. After copying the app to your Applications folder, click on its icon in the dock to fire it up. Use the Finder to look up your photos and, once you've found some that you like, start dropping them onto Poladroid's way-too-cool user interface. Your pictures are now seconds away from getting "spit out" of the camera and scattered across your desktop in a random manner. But wait! Here's where the fun begins.

When you get 10 pictures done, Poladroid will refuse to make more. This is normal behavior for a Polaroid camera, so, naturally, Poladroid replicates that behavior. The developer wanted to make the experience as realistic as possible, so the camera runs out of paper after 10 snaps. You will have to close and restart the program to begin a new shooting session with a fresh cartridge.

Moreover, the wait-to-develop feature is added to the real deal experience. Best of all, you can grab the picture and shake it about to develop it faster. Using realistic Polaroid-like color variation, Poladroid can generate high-res pictures of up to 400 dpi – ready-to-print. Main features of Poladroid include:

• Easy to use: Drag & Drop;
• Generate High-resolution pictures (400 dpi), "ready-to-print" with a Polaroid design;
• Funny: only 10 treatments per session, like the content of a cartridge;
• Random and realistic Polaroid-like colors variation.

Poladroid is currently in beta, but you can download the current version of the application for free, and keep it for as long as you want. The software only requires Mac OS X 10.4 (Tiger), though it works a tad better on Leopard. It's a Universal Binary too, meaning both PPC and Intel processors are supported.

Download Poladroid Beta (Free)

Poladroid Updated – Free Download

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