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Friday, December 19, 2008

Buy Now!!! Typinator 3.3 Defines Set-Specific Options

A typing automator that lets users type faster with fewer errors

Ergonis Software has released version 3.3 of its auto-typing and auto-correcting utility, Typinator. The new release adds predefined sets with subscript and superscript characters and separate auto-correction dictionaries for US and British English, among other enhancements. Several bug fixes are also listed in the changelog for Typinator 3.3.

Typinator is a very useful tool for auto-typing text and auto-correcting typos across all Mac OS X applications that use text and / or images. It helps users quickly insert phrases or pictures into any type of document, and eliminates errors by automating the process of inserting frequently used text and graphics and auto-correcting typing errors, thus boosting productivity.

Ergonis reveals that Typinator 3.3 now allows users to define set-specific options, where they can specify common prefix and suffix characters for all abbreviations within a set, define separate expansion sounds and add notes per set. Additionally, the new version includes increased compatibility with Adobe Acrobat. The rest of the changes can be found in the highlights list just below.

· Typinator now uses separate default sounds for expansions and corrections;
· Two new built-in sets with Unicode subscript and superscript characters;
· The whole word and case options can now be changed for multiple abbreviations in one step;
· Smarter handling of apostrophes covers most special cases in English and French;
· Option to count replacements as corrections or expansions;
· Typinator updates its preferences file less often under heavy use.

Issues that were in need of being resolved included a problem that caused the memory requirements of Typinator to grow after certain editing operations, an issue where Typinator refused to import sets from certain locations near the Application Support folder, and a fault with the conversion of large expansions from older set formats.

According to Ergonis, Typinator 3.3 also works around a problem in NetBeans that has been causing the application to insert the previous contents of the clipboard. Typinator requires Mac OS X 10.4 (Tiger) or later, but Leopard is recommended.

Download Typinator 3.3 (Update / Demo / Buy)

Buy Now!!! Typinator 3.3 Defines Set-Specific Options

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