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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Netbooks Can Be Used for Gaming

Games with low-performance requirements

Despite the popularity of netbooks, there's at least one area where these small-sized portable computer systems aren't performing as well as some users might expect. As most netbook owners have already experienced, these devices aren't suitable for playing some of the latest computer games on the market. However, despite their limitations, playing games on a netbook system isn't really that farfetched, if you aren't looking for the most demanding PC games out there.
With a bit of patience, you can actually find a list of titles that you can benefit from on your very own Atom-powered netbook.

Gizmag compiled such a list, trying to provide all those netbook users out there with a choice for computer games, other than those available with Microsoft's Windows XP operating system. The list has been put together with a bit of help from a Lenovo IdeaPad S10 netbook system, which has been used to test the playability of the titles. The Lenovo IdeaPad S10 is based on the same Intel Atom and Intel GMA 950 graphics as most of the other netbooks currently available on the market.

The list includes titles you will find on Steam, the service created by Valve, and the place where you are likely to find a number of older game hits or newer independent ones that don't require high CPU or GPU clock speeds. According to them, games such as “Audiosurf,” “Peggle Extreme,” “Reaxxion,” “Ultimate Doom” and “World of Goo” can easily be played on a netbook platform. If you are looking for some freebies, you will be able to choose from titles such as "Beneath" a "Steel Sky," "Cave Story," "Maelstrom" or "Warning Forever."

More successful titles such as EVE Online or Fallout 2 are also included in the list of playable games on a netbook platform. On top of these, you can also add the free online Flash games, which can actually be fun to play.

Netbooks Can Be Used for Gaming

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