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Friday, December 19, 2008

Google Friend Connect Integrated with Twitter

Users with a Twitter account can now use it on Friend Connect

Google has recently released the Beta version of Friend Connect, a service that enables non-technical site owners to enhance their websites with numerous social features, so that their visitors can easily login using their Google, AOL, OpenID, or Yahoo! credentials. Now, the service has been announced to receive support for the integration with the popular Twitter network.

In other words, one will be able to login to friend-connected sites using their Twitter details, then search if their buddies are already members of the Google service. If a user wants to invite some more friends, they simply need to create a tweet using the members gadget, and specify the address of the new site.

Once the invitation is sent, the Twitter followers only need to click a link and browse to the new page. Furthermore, those who want to accept this invite can, subsequently, replace their current Friend Connect profile with the Twitter one.

On the other hand, it is important to highlight the fact that Twitter has chosen not to take sides when it comes to the rivalry between Google and Facebook in terms of open identification standards. Keep in mind that a Facebook Twitter app has already been released, and, despite the fact that the Facebook buyout proposal has been rejected by the Twitter representatives, CEO Evan Williams states that the integration with Friend Connect is still in progress.

“For the record: Twitter did not 'choose Google, not Facebook.' We're working with both. We have more to do on the [Facebook] side before launch,” he recently stated in the “natural” tweet form. As most of you already know, Twitter is a highly popular microblogging service, which helps users get informed on a range of different events. News on this service covers a wide area, from tracking jailed journalists all the way to recording the movements of unborn babies.

Google Friend Connect Integrated with Twitter

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