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Friday, December 19, 2008

Notebook Graphics, Download Now!!! Drivers Now Available on

Unlock the visual potential of CUDA and PhysX-based applications

Santa Clara, California-based NVIDIA has just announced that notebook users will now be able to download upgradeable graphics drivers directly from the company's website. The new drivers are meant to enable notebooks that are powered by an NVIDIA mobile graphics processing unit to take advantage of new features and improved application compatibility, also further boosting the performance ratio of said systems. Also, with the new drivers, GeForce notebook GPUs will now be able to take advantage of a series of CUDA-based applications, ranging from games that boast GPU-accelerated physics, to video conversion.

“NVIDIA is committed to giving the rapidly growing number of customers using notebook GPUs the same performance optimizations and innovative graphics features that desktop customers have grown accustomed too,” Dwight Diercks, vice president of software engineering at NVIDIA, said.

For a while now, NVIDA has been promoting its GeForce brand by marketing on the performance potential of these graphics processing units, especially in non-gaming applications. Basically, the company wants to capitalize on the untapped performance potential of its cards' parallel processing power, which can be used to deliver a new level of performance for a series of visual computing applications.

According to the green company, the new drivers will be available in a WHQL-certified version supporting all GeForce 7, 8, and 9 series and Quadro NVS series notebook GPUs early next year. They will make it so that notebook users will enjoy the visual quality enabled by technologies such as PhysX, which will be more noticeable in upcoming game applications.

“To accomplish this, we have worked diligently over the past year to modularize our driver architecture and develop a unified driver install package that will not only work with notebooks from all manufacturers but also maintain all of their specific model customizations such as hotkeys and suspend and resume functionality.” Diercks further added.

Notebook Graphics, Download Now!!! Drivers Now Available on

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