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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Details on Corsair DOMINATOR GT DDR3 Memory Surface

The new kits feature high speed, low voltage and low latencies

Corsair, a worldwide leading provider of high performance computer and flash memory products, has been rumored for quite some time now to be working on new memory modules that would be added to the company's DOMINATOR series of DDR3 kits. Some pictures and specifications of its new low-voltage Core i7 targeted memory products have recently emerged to the web.

The fresh DOMINATOR GT DDR3 memory modules feature outstanding clock speeds of 2000MHz and are meant to deliver the ultimate performance experience to any Intel Core i7 / Intel X58-based motherboard owner. The latencies featured by the new modules are also impressive, 7-8-7-20, while the operating voltage is 1.65V.

In addition to the appealing working speed and timings, the blazing-fast tri-channel Corsair DOMINATOR GT memory modules are equipped with the updated Dual-path Heat Xchange (DHX) heatsinks. Word on the web has it that the new DDR3 kits will come in 2GB modules, and that they will be backed by a lifetime warranty.

As seen in the test images xtremesystems published, the fresh Corsair DOMINATOR GT DDR3 memory modules are fast enough to fulfill the needs of any computer enthusiast, gamer or professional that looks for high-performance, low power usage and increased stability. Moreover, given the fact that the kits feature low voltage, they are expected to allow users to overclock them a bit more, which would make them an even better option for any desktop system.

The performance area is not the only one Corsair paid attention to. As seen in the pictures, the new DOMINATOR GT DDR3 memory modules come with an appealing outlook as well. Blazing fast, the kits were supposed to come with distinctive marks, and they feature black and red heatspreaders, plus special red labels.

There is no official word from the company on the memory modules, yet rumors say they should be unveiled in the nearest future. As for pricing, the DOMINATOR GT should be over 400 Euros.

Details on Corsair DOMINATOR GT DDR3 Memory Surface

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