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Friday, December 19, 2008

GeForce GTX 295 Ready for January Launch

As soon as January 8 at CES

For a while now, details, pictures and even a full range of benchmarks have been leaking on the Internet, showing to the world what NVIDIA's upcoming dual-GPU GeForce GTX 295 is really capable of. Still, the Santa Clara, California-based chip maker remains relatively quiet regarding the release of its new GeForce flagship.

However, after taking into account all the leaked details on the great “world wide web,” we can easily consider January 8 as the most likely release date of the new card. This is the exact date when the Consumer Electronics Show, held in Las Vegas Nevada, will debut, which could mean that attendees at the show will likely be among the first to see the card, up close and personal.

The GTX 295 is seen as NVIDIA's comeback on the market of high-performance graphics cards, where the company unfortunately lost the number one spot to its competitor AMD. At this time, the Radeon HD 4870 X2 is the fastest graphics card available on the market, but that could change as soon as Q1 next year, when said GTX 295 is expected to make a stand.

Both cards are seriously impressive from a number of points, ranging from their technical specifications and ending with their remarkable measures. Due to their dual-GPU design, both NVIDIA and AMD's graphics cards are going to impact seriously a user's internal configuration, as they can take up a lot of space. We also have to take in consideration some of these cards' thermal specifications, power consumption and price tag, as all these will basically provide you with the necessary clues as to which market they have been designed for.

In some benchmarks, the GTX 295 is said to provide a performance boost of 100% over that achieved by HD 4870 X2. However, that may sound a bit strange, even for the most enthusiastic of NVIDIA fans, so it would be best to wait for official benchmarks following the introduction of the card.

GeForce GTX 295 Ready for January Launch

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